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Love Slot Games That Pay Real Money? Play Fury of Zeus!

Love Slot Games That Pay Real Money? Play Fury of Zeus

fury of zeus

Love Slot Games That Pay Real Money? Play Fury of Zeus!

Fury of Zeus took 2021 by storm thanks to its almighty progressive jackpot, mythical setting and impressive graphics. It’s only gotten more popular since then.

On the reels, you’ll find a generous selection of bonus features that boost your chances of landing truly divine real money payouts. This guide will explain those features, plus the format and theme that make this slot stand out from other mythology-based games.

So, looking for slot games that pay real money? Let’s set the stage with a brief introduction in case this is your first trip to Mount Olympus.

Play Fury of Zeus and our other slot games now!


This 5-reel, 20-payline slot is set in the heart of Olympus. Home of the Olympians, the Greek gods bask in glory here, as they feast on ambrosia and drink nectar. As you spin the reels, which are placed over magnificent Greek palisades that bask in sun and float through clouds, you’ll get acquainted with four of them, including Zeus, the ruler and father of all Greek gods. As the characters land on the reels, they flex their powers amongst poker icons, wilds and scatter symbols. As few as two Greek god icons are needed to trigger a payout, while the lower-ranking symbols require three matches for a win. Here are some quick stats and facts…

Release Date

September 13, 2021

Slot Game Description

Harness your divine power, conquer Mount Olympus and be the God of your own fate in this almighty slot game! Have a heavenly time! Get ready for epic prizes and colossal wins as you explore the Greek Gods’ realms and meet mythological celebrities along the way!

Slot Game Bonus Features

JACKPOT: The Jackpot is triggered at random.

WILD: The Wild symbol has the power to substitute any other symbols, except for the Scatter.

FREE SPINS: A Free Spins feature is triggered when 1 or more Wild symbols appear and the Scatter appears on reel 5.

Slot Game Specifications

Return to Player (RTP): 95%

Rows: 3

Reels: 5

Lines: 20


What's even better is that Fury of Zeus are progressive jackpot slots. These mountains of cash keeps growing until someone triggers them. No matter how much you bet, the progressive jackpots can give way at the end of any spin, so keep your fingers crossed that the gods will bestow fortune upon you.

Check it out now if you don't believe us.


Greek mythology has always been a popular theme for slot games. Its mythical yet familiar characters and surreal destinations pique the imagination of prospective players, and the opportunities for storylines are endless. As can be surmised by the name of the game, Fury of Zeus focuses on the top deity, who pays significantly more than any other god when you land multiple matches on a payline.

Zeus may be the primary character in Fury of Zeus, but three other gods are also included, such as Poseidon, god of the sea, Ares, god of war, and Hera, the wife of Zeus. As you line them up on the paylines, they come to life in powerful and omnipotent ways.

If historical and mythological themes are your jam, you can learn more about what we offer in our guide to slot themes.


There’s no need to relearn how to play slots when you launch a session of Fury of Zeus. This 5-reel, 20-payline game uses the standard format of most online video slots. Paylines begin on the first reel and progress to the right; in order for a series of matches to amount to a win, it must follow the paylines, which are displayed in the game menu for your convenience.

Also in the game menu are settings that adapt the game to your preferences. You can enable or disable the sound effects, along with the game’s adrenaline-infused background music. A “Quick Spin” toggle speeds up spins for faster gameplay, and finally, a setting that enables you to use your keyboard’s space bar as the Spin/Stop button is included. Graphics settings make it possible to choose between low, medium and high quality, which is convenient for times when you’re playing slots with limited data on the go, or enjoying a spin session on a large screen in the comfort of your home.


Don't want to play real money slot games just yet? Why not enjoy free spins mode instead? You must land a scatter on Reel No. 5 and a wild on any of the reels to unlock 10 free spins with double the payouts and bonus wilds added to the fifth reel. The wilds are important because in addition to substituting for winning icons, they also award an extra five spins to your session.

Even in the base game, the wilds are more powerful than normal. Any winning lines that they’re part of get triple the payout listed on the paytable. On top of that, the wilds award up to 2500X when you line them up on a payline the same way you would with a standard icon. Scatters also pay out special cash prizes, but they don’t need to line up on paylines; as long as two or more appear anywhere on the reels, you get a scatter payout, which ranges from 1X to 100X.

Although these bonus icons add a lot of excitement to the game, nothing compares to the random progressive jackpot. It's continually on the rise, boosted by incoming bets from players, and the only way to try to win it is to play the game and hope for the best.


At Cafe Casino, the buzz goes beyond the captivating gameplay of Fury of Zeus; it's also about sharing this incredible experience with friends. Our Refer-a-Friend promotion enhances this excitement by offering rewards for inviting your friends to join the adventure. Here’s how you can benefit:

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Start sharing the magic of Fury of Zeus and watch your bonuses grow with our Refer-a-Friend promotion. Good friends share exciting games, and great friends reap the rewards together. Invite your friends, earn bonuses, and enjoy even more gameplay on your favorite slots. It's that simple and rewarding!


So: dive into the exciting world of our online casino, where the legendary Fury of Zeus is just the beginning of your epic journey. Our extensive array of online slot games takes you beyond the realms of ancient Greek mythology, offering a rich tapestry of themes and adventures. For example, you can experience the wild frontiers in popular titles like Golden Buffalo.

Whether you're after the casual fun of Practice Mode or the buzz of playing with real money, Cafe Casino caters to anyone who wants to play online slots. We pride ourselves on providing a gaming experience that's as secure as it is exciting, with swift cryptocurrency transactions and generous bonus rounds enhancing your play. It's an experience designed to be as grand and thrilling as the legendary tales of old.

Every spin at Cafe Casino is an opportunity to align with fortune, each one a step towards the epic triumphs in our digital arena. So, arm yourself with luck, choose from our vast selection of real money slots, and let the journey to great winnings begin. Join us for an adventure where mythic tales and modern-day wins collide, all just a click away.

May the power of Zeus be with you.

Check it out now if you don't believe us.


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