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Online slots is the digital version of the classic fruit machine games you would find in a traditional casino. In the online version, there are additional features such as symbols, scatter symbols and interactive bonus rounds that make them much more interactive and fun. If you want to win at a online casino real money, online slots are the best option. These games payout when a player lines up winning symbols. Depending on the chosen game, a certain number of pay lines and certain combinations of symbols would trigger a payout. If you line up higher valued symbols, you will receive a greater return on your bet.

At Cafe Casino, we also have online slots that offer progressive jackpots. In such games, small portions of the bet are added in each round and the jackpot continues to grow. If you are lucky, you can end up winning an amazing online jackpot. There have been instances where people have won millions of dollars by winning such progressive jackpots. 

How Do Online Slots Work?


Online slots work through simple lines of codes called algorithms. The first variable used in the algorithm is called the “Return to player” (RTP) rates. RTP is the percentage that a player should expect to win back. Usually, it is set around 95% to lure players into thinking that they are not losing much money. So, if a player is playing slots with real money, he would win back 95% of his bet on an average. In a traditional land-based casino, this value is unknown, but in online casino, this value is pre-set and written in the algorithm. The minimum RTP rates vary from one state to another, but anything less than 75% is not allowed and would lead to legal action if discovered.

Apart from RTP, there is another value called variance, which plays an important role in choosing the slot to play. Though in theory, the higher the RTP rate, the lesser the chance of losing a significant amount of money over a long period. But it should be noted that the online slots with lower RTP rates offer increased opportunities for bigger one-time wins. It is due to the impact of the variance. A slot machine with higher variance will pay out less frequently but will pay out a large amount of money when a player manages to win and vice versa.

Finally, traditional casinos offer a fair chance of winning and losing. To replicate this, a random number generator (RNG) would also have to be used in the algorithm. RNG generates random numbers to ensure that each player has the same chance of winning as the next one.

RNG generates hundreds of random numbers per second, and the moment you press on play, the random number at that instant would be mapped to the pay line. Therefore, the results from online slots might vary based on a fraction of a second. 


Are Online Slots Rigged?


Sometimes players complain that a game is rigged just because they lost. Though there might be such accusations, the truth is that a casino needs to have the advantage to stay in business. This advantage is referred to as the house edge. House edge is a term used to describe the mathematical advantage that the casino has over time as you keep playing.

However, it does not mean that the game is rigged and you cannot win real money with slots. With random number generators, it is impossible to predict the following number and the pay line associated with it. Hence, online slots cannot be rigged, and they are much safer to play than their traditional counterparts.

Still, there might be other fake casinos that use lower RPT rates on purpose. If you want to stay away from such casinos, always choose casinos like Cafe Casino that have a good reputation. 


Can You Play Online Slots For Real Money?


Though many online casinos let you play online slots for free, they run many annoying ads on their sites. Also, if you want to truly experience the thrill of gambling, you would want to play online slots real money. As soon as you register with Cafe Casino, you would be asked to choose a preferred payment method. Based on that, you can deposit money in your account, and you can later use this money to play any of your favorite online slots with real money. If you end up winning, you can also withdraw some amount to your bank account. Depending on the chosen payment method, it would take anywhere between 4 to 10 business days for you to get your money.


How to Win Online Slots?


Though people believe that it is not easy to win money in online gambling, you can win real money through slots if you follow a few simple steps. The first step is to do some research. Find out the RTP rates of various online slot games and choose the one with a higher RTP. You can choose slots that have progressive jackpots, but if you feel that the odds might not be in your favor, you can also choose slots that offer frequent and lower payouts. You might not win big this way, but you can win small frequently.

Once you have chosen the game you want to play, you should know about its paytable. You should understand what the symbols are worth and place your bets on this. It can help in improving your winning potential. We offer free practice games for this purpose. You can use these games to understand the paytable and rules of the game.

The final step is to decide on a budget. Many people fail to understand the importance of this step and end up losing huge sums of money. If you are winning, it is fine. But if you start losing money and you do not have any more money left in your budget, that is your sign to stop. Therefore, your earning potential is unlimited while your losses are limited. If you can follow these simple steps, you can win in online slots.

If you go by reviews and recommendations from popular review sites, you can see that Cafe Casino is one of the most highly recommended online casinos. Despite being a 5-year old company, we have managed to achieve this feat thanks to our unique features and varied game base.

We have over 200 games across categories like online slots, live dealer, casino table games, etc. We also have attractive welcome bonuses. You can receive a welcome bonus of up to $1500 if you choose a credit card/debit card as your payment method. If you choose bitcoin, you can receive up to $2500. Apart from this, we also offer mystery bonuses and loyalty programs. The more you play a game, the better perk points you receive. You can later convert these perk points to money and use it to play your favorite game.

We also have a separate section of games where you can play using bitcoin. It is why we are also called a bitcoin casino. The process of using bitcoins to play games is relatively easy, and if you run into trouble, you can always reach out to our customer support team. They are well trained and can resolve any query in a couple of hours.