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They may not have the same level of history as table games, but casino slots are now the most popular game in casinos worldwide. Part of what makes them such a hit is their mass appeal. With incredibly easy gameplay, slots are accessible to anyone looking for a quick thrill. No learning curves required.


Cafe Casino makes them even easier to play. Without having to leave home, you can access hundreds of real slots on your phone, tablet and computer. Once you log in, make a deposit and launch your game of choice; you can spin the reels knowing that everything you win will be added to your bankroll, which can be withdrawn at any time.


The player experience expands beyond the ability to deposit and withdraw—your knowledge of slot machines also factors into how much fun you have at the reels. In this guide, we’ll acquaint you with the different types of slots in our casino and explain how to play them, including a brief mention of slots etiquette and payouts. That way, you can hit the reels confident that you’ll get the best slot experience on the web.


Play Online Slots Games for Real Money


In order to play casino slots for real money at Cafe Casino, you’ll need to be logged in to your account and have money deposited. Keep in mind, new players’ very first deposit can be boosted with our Welcome Bonus, which you can read more about on our Promotions page. And when you use the Bitcoin Welcome Bonus you’ll receive up to $2,500 when you deposit. Bitcoin is also the most efficient way to deposit withdraw.

Once you have your bankroll, simply launch your favorite slot game, and opt for Real Play mode instead of Practice Play. Your balance will appear on the screen and be adjusted after every round.


Online Slots Games at Cafe Casino


Looking at the options in the slot section of our casino may seem overwhelming at first, but if you use the filters, you can easily navigate through the games that appeal to you the most. For instance, you may prefer to search through the newest slots to hit the market using the “Newest Slots” button. Or, maybe you want to see what everyone else is playing by using the “Most Popular Slots” filter. Other options include Five-Reel Video Slots, Three-Reel Classic Slots, Jackpot Slots and slots that are exclusive to Cafe Casino.


How to Play Slots


In three easy steps, you can be playing slots online for real money payouts. Keep in mind, these directions are general; for specifics, always read the slot game rules first.


1. Betting Configurations: Based on your bankroll budget, decide how much you want to spend per spin and then set up the wagering configurations to reflect that. You can choose the value of the coins and how many you want to bet per line. Some slots abandon coins altogether and simply have you pick how much money you want to stake per spin.


2. Spin the reels. The action begins with the “Spin” button. Every spin concludes with the icons being randomly dispersed on the reels. If you get matching icons lined up on a payline, you win.


3. Play bonus features. Most slots come with some bonus features to help you win more money. These can be free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers, wilds and more. Make sure to read the directions for the bonus, and then try to milk them for all they’re worth.




Slots etiquette is exclusive to land-based casinos. Scuffles between patrons happen when people take “too long” on popular machines, when someone leaves a machine momentarily and another person slips in, and when a person gets in the way of someone else’s pre-game rituals. Fortunately, when you play slots online, you don’t have to worry about etiquette.




Most people play slots for the payouts; you can win far bigger payouts from a slot machine than you would playing most table games. To understand the value of a game, check the pay table, which has important information such as:


• Pay for each matching line of icons: When you see the payouts listed for the different icons, the amounts are typically based on one coin wagered. If you bet more than one coin per line, you multiply the amount shown on the pay table by the number of coins you’re wagering. For instance, if you’re wagering five coins per line, a 250-coin payout jumps to 1,250.


• Paylines: In order to see the paylines mapped out on the reels, check the pay table.


• Bonus feature information: You’ll find details regarding wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, jackpots, and more on the pay table.


• Return to Player percentage: The newest slot games are beginning to include the RTP (amount you can theoretically expect to win back in the long run) in the game rules.


• Direction of paylines: The standard payline direction is left to right, but some games have multi-directional paylines, meaning they also go right to left. Certain games also allow the central three reels to be stand-alone paylines.


Most Popular Slots


Each of our slots has something unique to offer, but some attract more attention than others. The following five slots, for instance, have big fanbases and are worth checking out.


A Night With Cleo


Step into Cleopatra’s chamber for a chance to court the seductive pharaoh. If you’re successful, you could be on the receiving end of a random jackpot. The game’s Double Up round features one step of Cleopatra’s famed striptease for every accurate guess.


777 Deluxe


See the classic fruit machines reinvented as a celestial holograph in 777 Deluxe—a new slot added to Cafe’s roster of games. This slot has mystery icons that can transform into any other symbol in order to increase wins. A progressive jackpot can be unlocked through the game’s bonus round.


Fast & Sexy


A supercharged car awaits you in Fast & Sexy. Launch the game and hit “Spin” to see the game’s five reels burn rubber. The central reel has a wild that expands and sticks in place while sending the other reels spinning—free of charge.


Reign of Gnomes


For a creative approach to bonus features, try spinning the reels of Reign of Gnomes. This 243-ways-to-win slot has a free spins mode unlike any other game. Before each spin, you get to boost your chances of success by spinning the Golden Wheel. Prizes include multipliers, bonus rounds, extra wilds, and a “Spin ‘til You Win” feature.


Caesar’s Empire


An oldie but goodie, Caesar’s Empire has had a loyal following since it was released in the early 2000s. This game has everything you need for a solid slot experience: a wild symbol, scatters, free spins, multipliers, and a progressive jackpot. All hail Caesar!


Five-Reel Slots


If you’re wondering exactly what slot reels are, they’re the vertical columns that the game icons spin around. The vast majority of our slot games have five reels, while a minority have three reels. With five-reel slots, you typically get more bonus features and paylines. More paylines come with a higher cost, but it also leads to a faster pace of play; the choice if yours.


Three-Reels Slots


The simplest way to play slots is with just three reels. Having fewer reels makes it easier to follow the action and keep track of paylines. Most three-reel slots have one, three or nine paylines.


Jackpot Slots


Slots with progressive jackpots have the potential to pay far more than slots without them. These mammoth payouts are funded by casino players, as a percentage of all bets placed on the slot go toward the pot. As a result, the longer the jackpots go unclaimed, the bigger they become.


Jackpots are triggered in different ways, depending on the individual game. Some jackpots, such as the one in Food Fight, are triggered by landing the top winning line in the game. Other jackpots, such as A Night With Cleo, are triggered at the end of a spin, completely randomly. The newest way to claim a jackpot is by winning it through a game’s bonus round, which you can do in 777 Deluxe.


Thanks to the jackpots, online slots offer more excitement than most other casino games. But even slots without them provide the thrill that most casino players look for, and it’s because of the way slots operate. As soon as the reels begin to spin, anticipation starts to build, and it grows when the reels start to slow down. When everything comes to a stop, you’ll see if you’re a winner by looking for flashing paylines—these wins are often celebrated by cheering animations. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating experience, or something to help you relax after a busy day, you’ll find it in the slots section of our casino; simply pick the game with the theme that suits your mood.


Slots Games and the Refer a Friend Bonus


Referring friends has never been easier—and this rewarding. Through our ongoing Refer-a-Friend promotion, you get paid every time a friend you refer creates a Cafe Casino account and deposits at least $20. Friends who deposit with US dollars get you a $100 bonus, while friends who deposit with Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash, get you a $125 bonus. Both bonuses come with 50X playthroughs and have a cap of 10X the value when withdrawing.


In order to refer friends, you’ll need to send them a link from your Cafe account. This ensures that the RAF promotion process is all done automatically, and the bonus money is issued to your account 24 hours after your friend’s deposit is accepted. To find the link, log in to your account and click the “Profile” icon at the top; a referral link will be available for you to forward to friends by text message, email, or simply copy and paste to send it however you want.


All new players, including the ones referred by you, can take advantage of our welcome bonus: 250% match bonus up to $1,500 or 350% match bonus up to $2,500 when you deposit with Bitcoin. After the welcome bonuses, your friends will have access to the same ongoing bonuses that are available to all, including the weekly Mystery Bonus.


A new page has recently been added to our online casino that showcases the most impressive wins of the week. It’s called Big Winners, and it’s where we all hope to get. Find out who’s winning top dollar (first name and initial of last name are included for privacy), and you’ll also see the game that triggered the big win. Some people select games based on jackpots, while others prefer to grind out long strings of wins with table games. You may get inspired by new strategy ideas, or at the very least, you’ll learn about some games you’ve never played before. Good luck with your game selection, and we hope to see you included in our next online casino Big Winners round-up.