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The Best Slot Games to Enjoy Outdoors

The Best Slot Games to Enjoy Outdoors

best slot games to enjoy outdoors

The Best Slot Games to Enjoy Outdoors

When summer comes, people find any excuse to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Thanks to mobile casino gaming, all of your favorite online slots can be enjoyed anywhere you happen to be, including the great outdoors! Next time you head out for a relaxing day at the park or a leisurely walk in the forest, grab your smartphone (or tablet). You may just find yourself with a few minutes to get some spins in, as you breathe in the fresh air and bask in the warmth of the sunshine.

While any of the slot games in our mobile casino are good to play on the go, we think these five online slots will really enhance your outdoor experience...

Take a look at our range of slot games here.

World Cup Football

Get out on the pitch and play some football Euro-style. This 5-reel, 50-line slot online game will keep your adrenaline pumping with its high-pressure bonus features. As soon as you launch World Cup Football, you’ll be transported to a roaring stadium packed full of Euro football stars, and an international trophy is on the line. Your goal is to land matching icons on any of the game’s 50 paylines to trigger a payout. The game’s Football Player icons require just two or more matches for a payday, while the poker icons require a minimum of three.

Bonus features make this game extra fun and they boost your chances of getting paid. To begin, there is a Give and Go Re-spins feature in the base game. When the first reel fills with matching icons of a single football player, the player makes an appearance and performs a spectacular play that results in re-spins of non-winning icons. The game also has scatters that lead to a Hat Trick Free Spins session, which awards 10 free games with a beefed up version of the Give and Go Re-spins.

Golden Buffalo

Chief among real money slot games, Golden Buffalo has six reels instead of five, so there are 4,096 ways to win with every spin. The six reels are under a canopy at a makeshift camp in the middle of a southwestern desert. Stay on the lookout for wildlife here; bald eagles, raccoons, wolves and most importantly, the golden buffalo can all be spotted on the reels from the camp.

In the desert, the sun is scorching, but you’ll get some respite when you land three or more bonus symbols. Enjoy a free spin session in the cool night air under a starry sky; the number of spins you get depends on the number of bonus icons you land:

• Three bonuses lead to 8 free spins

• Four bonuses lead to 15 free spins

• Five bonuses lead to 25 free spins

• Six bonuses lead to 100 free spins

Throughout free spins mode, you get the advantage of wilds with multipliers built in. These special icons are similar to the wilds in the base game, since they sub for standard game icons to generate more wins, but they also have a multiplier (2X, 3X, 5X). And, the multipliers can be multiplied together for the ultimate payout boost: up to 3,125X!

Animal slots are a classic theme; you can learn why here. And if you want to give Golden Buffalo a go without committing to anything? It's one of our many real money slots games that offers a free slots practice mode.

Riches in The Rough

Go underground in search of gems by spinning the reels of Riches in the Rough. This 5-reel, 243-ways-pay slots game takes place in a mine that glitters with half-buried gemstones, waiting to be dug out. Grab your pick axe and headlamp and get to work lining up matching icons for a chance win up to 800X your stake.

With no traditional paylines restricting wins in Riches in the Rough, matches simply need to land on consecutive reels, beginning with the first one, in order to be considered a win. The game’s icons consist of four “High” symbols that represent precious gems, and six poker icons (9 to A) that make up the “Low” symbols. The game’s wild symbol can take the form of any of the high and low icons, to create more wins, and throughout free spins, the wild will also double or triple all payouts (not just the ones that they contribute to). Should several wilds contribute to one win, and you get to witness the power of combined multipliers, which maxes out at 27X.

Triggering free spins in Riches in the Rough involves landing a minimum of three scatters anywhere on the reels. In addition to getting 8, 15 or 20 free spins, you get an instant cash prize. Life is good when the gems are flowing in this fortuitous mine.

Koi Garden

Playing slots online has never been so zen.

A relaxing koi garden awaits in this Japanese-inspired 5-reel, 25-line slot. If outdoor time means relaxing and recharging in a beautiful natural setting, this game is for you. You’ll spin your way through delicate cherry blossoms, peaceful water fountains, perfectly-manicured bonsai trees and a wide variety of beautifully-patterned koi fish.

Landing payouts is as simple as lining up matches (sometimes as few as two) on any of the Cafe Casino game’s 25 paylines—at which point they become animated. The highest-paying icons are the Temples and Cherry Blossoms, while the second-highest are the Fountains and Bonsais.

You won’t find wilds in this picture of tranquility, but there are scatters that lead to free spins and a simple Pick and Collect Bonus Game. The free spin packages have different combinations of spins and multipliers, maxing out at 15 spins with a 3X multiplier. For the free spins session, you’ll rise to the surface of the koi pond, where frogs and turtles lounge on rocks and lily pads, and cherry blossom trees color the horizon.

The bonus round continues the koi theme with a selection of the most beautiful fish in the pond. Each has a hidden value that won’t be revealed unless selected. Try to collect the highest-value fish for the biggest payouts.

Streetball Star

As soon as winter gives way to spring, the outdoor basketball courts fill with people once again. Many professional players started their careers at these outdoor courts, and scrimmages can get highly competitive. See it in action slots style by launching a session of Streetball Star here at Cafe Casino.

When you play Streetball Star, you’ll spin your way through the game’s greatest plays. Game icons consist of slam dunks, epic dekes and come-from-behind victories, and when you land matches on consecutive reels, you get paid—no need to line them up on paylines. Every victory is followed by a free shot through the game’s Spray Reels feature; after the winning icons pay out, spray paint covers them up and causes the icons from above to drop down for another chance to win. It could also result in a free spin slots session if enough scatter icons appear on the reels—and this free spin session has the bonus of a progressive multiplier that can creep up to 10X.

Wilds are a big part of the game in Streetball Star. On the third, fourth and fifth reels, they’re stacked, which boosts your odds of landing payouts. It doesn’t end there; at any moment, the wild event feature can take hold of up to two reels and make them completely wild. Make sure you’re there to capitalize on the event—it’s a fun way to wrap up your outdoor slot experience.

What Makes a Good Summer Slot Game?

When the mercury rises and the days stretch long into warm, balmy evenings, the mood for something vibrant and spirited takes hold. Summer slots capture this seasonal zest, intertwining the thrill of real money slots with the laid-back vibes of vacation time. But what makes the summer's most popular slot games so... Summery?

  • Vivid, Sunny Graphics: The best summer slots are a feast for the eyes, boasting bright color palettes that reflect the season's energy. From azure skies to golden sands, these games are designed to transport players to their favorite summer settings. Symbols often feature seasonal fruits, sun-kissed beaches, and holiday paraphernalia, reinforcing the theme and enhancing the player's immersion.
  • Lighthearted Themes: Summer is all about fun and relaxation, so the themes of summer slots should mirror this atmosphere. Themes often revolve around vacations, tropical islands, beach parties, or exotic adventures. You can read about the eight most popular themes for slot games here.
  • Upbeat Soundtracks: The sounds of a summer slot are as important as the visuals. A good summer slot will typically include a lively and upbeat soundtrack that could easily be the background music to a beach party or a road trip along the coast. The audio effects during wins or special features often follow suit, adding to the energetic feel.
  • Engaging Features with Cool Rewards: To keep the summer spirit alive, these slots offer engaging features that might include free spins with the promise of big wins or interactive bonus rounds that entertain and reward. The idea is to keep the gameplay as breezy and exciting as a summer fling. Think re-spins that mimic the endless summer waves or multipliers that grow like the day's heat.
  • Seasonal Bonuses: Nothing says summer like a little extra sunshine, and in the world of slots, this translates to bonuses. Good summer slots often include seasonal bonus offers, like free spins to celebrate the solstice or special events that correspond with summer holidays.
  • Adaptive Gameplay for Outdoor Gaming: Considering that summer pulls people outdoors, a good summer slot is optimized for mobile devices, allowing for seamless gameplay under the open sky. Whether you're lounging by the pool or enjoying a sunset, these slots ensure that a few taps on your device will whisk you away to a summer gaming adventure.
  • Social Elements: Summer is often a time for socializing, and the communal aspect can be part of what makes a summer slot engaging. Multiplayer features or shared jackpots can evoke the feeling of summer festivities, where everyone's invited to the party.

In essence, good casino games are more than just games—they can be a seasonal celebration. It's not just about the chance to win. It's about capturing the joy of summer, a season of freedom, relaxation, and excitement. With the right combination of thematic graphics, cheerful soundtracks, and engaging gameplay, a summer slot becomes the perfect companion for those looking to add a dash of leisure and a splash of thrill to the sunniest part of the year.

Play Online Slots & Win Real Money with Cafe Casino's Classic Slot Games

Ready to dive into the summer fun? Sign up at Cafe Casino today and discover the ultimate collection of summer slots. With our vibrant games, sizzling bonuses, and the freedom to play anywhere, your summer is set to be filled with excitement and chances for big wins. Don't wait for the thermometer to rise—start your summer slot experience now and let every day feel like a blissful summer vacation!

Take a look at our range of slot games here.


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