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A Guide to Online Slots RTP Return to Player

A Guide to Online Slots RTP (Return to Player)

rtp, money in a phone

What does RTP (Return to Player) mean for you?

How do you choose the online slots you play? Is it according to theme? Some players like sports, ancient history, fantasy or maybe a Vegas-style slot. At Cafe Casino, we have slots for animal lovers, games that feature dystopian drama, and even a little Mafia action for the true crime fans out there. If you like slot themes, we’ve got ‘em.

Some players tell us it’s less about the themes and more about the quality of the slots, like vibrant graphics, a rockin’ soundtrack, flashing lights – all the bells and whistles! They want to have a great time each and every time they hit spin.

Aside from the entertainment, aesthetics and fun of it all, the ability to win a slot online still tops the list for many players when deciding what to play next. That’s why players seek games that offer more chances for free spins, are the most popular, or have a progressive jackpot that keeps growing.

Since online slot games are based mainly on luck and the logic of a random number generator (RNG) that you can’t control, the only real measure of a game’s value is its return-to-player (RTP) percentage. We’ll take you through what goes into calculating it, and the typical Cafe Casino RTP you can expect from our online slots.


If you’re a veteran or a newbie, you’ve probably heard the term return-to-player (RTP) and questioned whether it means anything to your playing. The truth is that a slot’s RTP is a highly meaningful element in online gambling.

Simply explained: An online slot’s RTP reveals what percentage of money that game will return to players (or pay back) over the long term. Another way to think about it is that RTP is the opposite of the casino house edge.

Suppose you’re playing a slot online with a 90% RTP. If you wager $1 a hundred times, you could get $90 back. Could get it back. This is gambling, not calculus! So, playing real money online slots with higher RTPs is one way to win fairly consistently.

But don’t be misled by the bigger is better concept. There are online slots out there with RTPs in the low 90s. Avoiding them could mean missing out on the highest jackpots. A low RTP only means you’re not getting the highest returns on your regular wagers. However, you can still win the jackpot, which would negate that low RTP.

If you want to win regularly playing online slots in the long-term, play games with RTPs of 97% or higher. Sure, it may eliminate some slots from your repertoire, but, in the long run, your spins will pay off better. Is it fun? Maybe. But it can get tedious playing the same few online slots again and again.

When you know more about what it takes for a winning combination, you can play with a little more confidence, which in turn allows you to manage your bankroll better. Knowing your casino slot game’s RTP means you can make more informed decisions when planning your wagers.


julius caesar, cleopatra, and a mermaid

RTP is meant as a simple guide for choosing online slots that offer a better chance of winning. The numbers are readily available to you. Check out online reviews of the slots you are thinking about playing. The experienced players who write these reviews usually include the RTP percentage details as an important part of their overview.

Keep in mind that RTP percentages are usually inside the game’s rules in an online casino, too. In fact, at Cafe Casino, we try to include the RTP for every one of our games. We prefer to be transparent with our players because our casino is built on trust, fairness and good customer service.

You can also always play our slots in practice play mode to get a feel for the game and to test out your wagering strategies without risking your bankroll. It pays to be cautious. You’ll win more often when you play wisely.


Aside from the benefits of convenience and immediacy when playing online slots at home or on the go, many gamblers who switch from real to online casinos soon realize that online slots appear to be better. While the gambling universe is filled with slot myths and incorrect beliefs, this is not one of them.

In reality, online slots are a better choice in many cases.

First, most online slots have considerably higher RTPs. Typical casino RTPs stay somewhere between 70% and 90%. And highest RTP casino slot machines barely go over 92%. Online slots with RTPs less than 90% are somewhat rare and lots of newer games feature RTPs above 96%.

This is not a conspiracy. The reason slots in some bricks-and-mortar casinos are programmed for lower RTPs is due to the limited space in which they need to make more money from fewer machines to cover expenses and make a profit. The slot machine RTPs need to be lower so that casinos can stay in business.

Online casinos don’t have that problem. When you can offer hundreds or thousands of slot games with no physical restrictions, 24 hours a day, you can, and should, have many games with high RTP percentages.


rtp, 10x Vegas

So, now that your knowledge about RTP is up to date, it’s time to look at some of the slot games at Cafe Casino that offer the highest return-to-player. That’s maybe not your first choice when you’re going for the big win but these slots can play quite well and deliver some really exciting entertainment.

10 TIMES VEGAS – 96.47% RTP

The most dazzling and glittery slot in town puts you deep in the neon electrifying your screen. This is digital nightlife extreme and the high-voltage rewards get really real! Watch the reels spin with pink sevens, blue horseshoes, BARs, hearts, cherries, grapes and dollar signs, along with wilds designed to multiply your bet by up to 100X.

Wilds retrigger additional chances with a real shot at the jackpot spin that could land the progressive jackpot!


This epic adventure game offers big wins to rival the ancient treasures buried by an emperor. Launch this game and revel in the fanfare that welcomes you to spin the reels adorned by a magnificent background of the Roman Colosseum.

With five reels, three rows and twenty paylines, Caesar’s Empire features Cleopatra, a Trojan battle helmet, fruit, sword and shields, and more. A bonus of 10 free spins commonly shows up to reward you by doubling all your winnings.


It’s a cool night on the Nile in ancient Egypt. The stars sparkle, the pyramids dominate, and swaying palms are caressed by desert breezes. Spin the reels to look into the eye of Horus discover gold scarabs, twinkling rings, and precious jewels. Exotic and seductive Middle Eastern music plays as Cleopatra dances to your game play revealing more of her charms with every win.

A lower RTP perhaps, but Cleo’s progressive jackpot is awarded at random and all you need to do is get lucky and land a prize that can rise in to the hundreds of thousands!


Of course, return-to-player is not the only key to becoming a Cafe Casino big winner. But it is an excellent gauge for choosing the online slot games that pay off more often and bigger than most. Just remember that a high RTP is not your ticket to riches, but it certainly is a strategy for playing smart, better managing your bankroll and, most importantly, having a lot of fun!

Playing with crypto is another way to play smart too. Its many crypto gambling advantages, including anonymity, easy transfers and bigger bonuses, make it a no-brainer for our players!


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