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7 Biggest Cafe Casino Jackpot Slots

7 Biggest Cafe Casino Jackpot Slots

7 biggest cafe casino jackpot slots

7 Biggest Cafe Casino Jackpot Slots

Picture this: you’re spinning the reels of a jackpot slots game. You might be fitting in a few spins from your phone while in line at the grocery store, or you could be kicking back while using your laptop from the comfort of your couch. You hit “Spin” and suddenly the symbols line up like never before… The game screen is flashing and ringing like crazy… The slot is going wild because you just hit a huge progressive jackpot!

You’ve landed a six-figure win, all thanks to a super lucky spin.

After you get done jumping up and down and screaming (likely scaring the whole grocery store!), you start imagining what to do with your money:

  • Are you buying that new car you’ve been dreaming of?
  • Are you booking a vacation that’s long overdue?
  • Are you going on a no-limits shopping spree?

It’s all up to you! Thanks to that jackpot slot, you’ve got a nice big pile of money and you can do whatever you want with it!

Are you ready to make this dream a reality? We’ve made a list of our 7 biggest jackpot slots and how to trigger real money wins. Keep reading to find out!


7 biggest cafe casino jackpot slots

Want to play Cafe’s biggest progressive jackpot? Then look no further! Shopping Spree usually offers the biggest jackpot to be won, often toppling $1M dollars! (Yes, $1 million dollars – that’s not a typo!)

Fans of the hit HBO show Sex and the City will feel right at home as the salsa theme plays you through your spins. All the symbols match a department store shopping trip, like high heels, perfume, fine jewelry, purses, and lipstick.

The symbol you need for a massive win is the sparkling diamond ring. Actually, you need five of them to line up if you want the entire progressive jackpot to light up your account. You also have to be betting the maximum to be eligible, so don’t miss this key requirement. Lining up five diamond rings and then realizing you weren’t on max bet could cost you some real-life shopping sprees.

A progressive jackpot like this one will grow (or “progress”) all the time. A small portion of the amounts wagered on the game is added to the prize as players spin the reels. Eventually, some lucky player will hit the big win (could it be you?) and the amount resets to grow again. When you see a large prize number in the Cafe like a million dollar jackpot, be sure to get in some sessions so you have a chance to win it all.


7 biggest cafe casino jackpot slots

This is one of the most classic Cafe Casino jackpots you can play. The look and feel is just like old-school Vegas slot machines, right down to the BARs, diamonds, and lucky 7s.

The path to the progressive jackpot starts with the Bonus symbol on the final reel. When it lands in the center of the reel, you’ll unlock the Bonus Wheel. The Bonus Wheel has a huge multiplier range, from 5x to 500x (which is awesome in itself!), but if you want the biggest win possible, you need to land on the Jackpot section. This activates the Jackpot Wheel!

The Jackpot Wheel of Reels and Wheels has five different amounts: mini, minor, major, mega, and Vegas. Each section wins you a different amount or percentage of the total progressive jackpot, which is climbing all the time as players wager on Reels and Wheels. Landing on the Vegas section wins you the whole pot! What happens in “Vegas” can end up in your bank account!

As a bonus, the Cafe also offers Reels and Wheels XL, which has a few more paylines and features than its regular counterpart, in addition to a big progressive jackpot up for grabs.


7 biggest cafe casino jackpot slots

Gold Rush Gus is one of the jackpot slots that offers you a lot of ways to win! After a spin, if you get two Key symbols on reels 1 and 3, your mole companion will dig up a treasure chest for you that can contain a number of different prizes. If it opens to reveal the blue-white diamond, you just won the giant progressive jackpot!

While you play for that progressive jackpot, it’s worth noting that there are also mini jackpots you can win too. These are tracked on progress bars at the top of the game screen. There’s one for green gems and one for red gems. When you collect 5 of either one, you win a mini jackpot. The amount of the jackpot will be shown as you collect the gems, so you can watch it grow as you spin the reels and collect gems from treasure chests!


7 biggest cafe casino jackpot slots

Like Reels & Wheels, 777 Deluxe slot has a classic Vegas theme, with vibrant neon colours, and a big progressive jackpot to win!

The best wins come from the Bonus Game, which is launched when you get 3 Question Mark mystery symbols. Three 7s grace a single payline and spin to reveal their color. Each color combo provides a different multiplier, from just 1x your bet up into the hundreds. If you get three golden 7s, though, you win the entire progressive jackpot!

You get a number of spins on these special “reels” in the Bonus Game, so don’t fret if you don’t win the big prize on your first shot.


7 biggest cafe casino jackpot slots

Even a little cleavage will turn heads, but Cleo’s taking things up a notch in A Night With Cleo.

Each time you have a winning spin, you have the option to play the Gamble Feature and double your winnings. Not only that, Cleo removes an article of clothing each time you guess correctly as a reward. Five good guesses will reveal quite a lot of skin. How much? That’s up to you and Cleo.

Oh, yeah. We almost forgot – A Night With Cleo offers a progressive jackpot, too!

This one’s simple: it’s a random progressive jackpot! You can win the whole pot on any spin. It could be your first, or it could be your hundredth. The only way to score a big pile of real money is to choose your wager and get Cleo’s reels spinning!


7 biggest cafe casino jackpot slots

Much like A Night With Cleo, you don’t have to do anything special to win the jackpot in this game. It’s a random progressive jackpot, which can be awarded to a lucky player on any random spin! Not all Cafe Casino jackpot slots require you to enter a special bonus round or line up a succession of spins to get a big payday. Instead, all you need to do is play, and the jackpot could be yours.

Cyberpunk City offers a killer theme and soundtrack, too. The rain is coming down in a dark city lit only by neon and reflections. Cybernetic augmented people spin by on the reels. If you like gritty settings while you play for a jackpot, Cyberpunk City is a gripping environment to escape into. Just don’t get lost in the shady urban underbelly of this game.

There’s no telling where it might lead you…


7 biggest cafe casino jackpot slots

In Fairy Wins, a single spin could be your lucky ticket to thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in real money!

Just like with our last few online slot games, Fairy Wins has a totally random progressive jackpot. It isn’t part of the Pick Your Fairy Bonus Game – it can be awarded at any time. So long as you spin the reels, you’ve got a shot at winning the big prize, no matter how huge the amount gets. That means, you may as well enjoy the fantasy theme featuring magical potions, treasure chests, and 4 unique fairies while you play!

Now that you know all about our biggest jackpots and how to trigger them, you’re ready to play. Check out our progressive jackpot slot games and get those reels spinning! You just might be the next big winner!


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