What would you do if you won a million dollars playing real money online slots? It’s a tall order, but not an impossible dream. Thanks to the power of the progressive jackpot, life-changing sums of money can be triggered through one lucky spin. In fact, many of the players on our Big Winners page got there by triggering one themselves!

Although there is no way to force a jackpot to fall your way, knowing how they work helps ensure you’re eligible for them when you hunt down those progressive jackpot slots. For those who are new to casino gaming, jackpots are pots of money funded by a percentage of every incoming bet. These jackpots continue to grow until someone triggers it and wins it all! Afterwards, they re-set at a base amount that’s funded by Cafe.

For the most part, jackpots are won either randomly at the conclusion of a spin (this is the case for random progressive jackpots), or they’re awarded for landing a top winning line. Some newer games include them as part of a second-screen bonus round. Eligibility requirements vary based on the type of jackpot included, with most random progressive jackpots having no minimal betting requirements. Always consult the paytable in the game rules before playing to make sure that you know the eligibility requirements.

Want to be the next Big Winner? Find out what progressive jackpots are ready to burst now!


It’s almost a guarantee that the biggest jackpot at any given time will be the one in Shopping Spree. This 2D 5-reel, 9-line slot’s jackpot is typically in the millions. Launch a session, and you will go on a shopping spree through designer boutiques that are full of must-have products. The most intriguing item is the Diamond Ring icons whizzing around the reels. If you line up five Diamond Rings on one of the game’s nine paylines while betting max, you win it all! Spend the cash however you want—even if there’s no mall involved. 


An example of a random progressive jackpot can be found in the 5-reel, 20-payline slot, A Night With Cleo—among other things. This mature-theme slot takes place in the Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra’s chamber and every time you trigger a win in the base game, you have the choice of hitting the “Gamble” button and testing your luck with the game’s scintillating Double-or-Nothing feature. You get a 50-50 shot at guessing the right flower; Cleo will present you with two and one contains the precious gold coins. A 15-game free spin feature adds more opportunities to build up your bankroll free of charge.


Inspired by a popular video game, Cyberpunk City takes place in Tokyo the distant future, when humans collide with AI. Through the reels, you’ll see some characters that are clearly human, others that are clearly robots, and still others that are a little less clear. Amidst all of the laser beams being shot by the game’s protagonist, a random progressive jackpot is displayed at the top of the reels. The jackpot can be awarded at the conclusion of any spin and it increases in size fast due to the game’s popularity with our players.


To see a creative take on the progressive jackpot online slot, try spinning the reels of 777 Deluxe. This 5-reel slot has 10 multi-directional paylines that make it possible to line up wins left to right, right to left and within the three central reels. It also offers a progressive jackpot as a special reward in its bonus game. To trigger the bonus game of 777 Deluxe, you must land three Mystery symbols (the Question Marks), at which point, you enter a second screen with just three reels and one payline.  These reels are full of Lucky Sevens and offer unique payouts for each color combination; three Gold Sevens gets you the jackpot. 


For a slot that’s inspired by old school video games, Gold Rush Gus takes you underground to an excavation site. Gus, the prospector, will swing his pick ax into the earth and uncover the reels every time you hit the “Spin” button. This game is jam-packed with bonus features, including an interactive skill-testing bonus round that lets you navigate a cart on a creaky trestle in exchange for cash. The game’s progressive jackpot is triggered by a diamond, one of four prizes held within a treasure chest that appears every time you land a Key symbol on Reels 1 and 3.   


Spin your way to the Wild West when you launch a session of Lawless Ladies. In this dusty town, the women rule the streets with pistols and switch blades. An expanding wild appears on the central reel, boosting your odds of triggering wins. The game has a free spins feature that takes you into the town saloon, where you’ll saddle up to the bar for a quick refreshment. All the while, the reels spin themselves and any payouts triggered are tallied and added to your bankroll when you’re done.  This game’s progressive jackpot is a wild one, so it can be triggered at any time regardless of how much you stake. 


A poker-inspired table game, Caribbean Hold’Em shares a progressive jackpot with its sister game, Caribbean Stud Poker. In the Hold’Em variant, you’ll begin a round by tossing in an Ante bet; both you and the automated dealer will get two-card hands, and the flop will be placed face-up on the table. Choose to Raise or Fold, and then the final two community cards are laid out. Whoever has the better poker hand wins. For extra payout opportunities, toss a dollar on the Progressive side bet at the start of the round; if you end up with a Flush or higher, you get to dip into the progressive jackpot.


Reels & Wheels XL is an arcade-inspired 5-reel, 20-line slot with the same glossy buttons you’d expect to see on an old pinball machine. Even the icons have a retro vibe, with the traditional fruit and poker-themed symbols offering a pleasant dose of nostalgia. The best win of all comes from the game’s Jackpot Wheel! First, you need to land two bonus symbols on the first and third reel, along with the Wheel symbol on the fifth reel to launch the Bonus Wheel. Here, you could land multipliers up to 500x, or the special Jackpot section. If you land on that section, the Jackpot Wheel opens and allows you to spin for one of five jackpot prizes: the Mini, Minor, Major, Mega and Vegas (100% of the progressive jackpot). 


This funny slot game takes you out into a meadow to do some bird watching. But these aren’t the peaceful feathered creatures we’re used to admiring; they are the Birds of Fury, and they’re armed with everything needed to cause complete anarchy. Wilds boost wins here, and scatters pay in any position, while three or more trigger 10 free spins with double the payouts.  At the end of any spin, the reels can erupt into the Birds of Fury Wilds, or see the random progressive jackpot pay out in full. 


To continue the theme of fury, this 5-reel, 20-line slot takes place at Mount Olympus, where Zeus, the king of the gods, reigns over the world. The most famous Greek gods will spin through the reels with blazing eyes. Fury of Zeus’s free spin feature is triggered by a special combination of one or more wilds combined with a scatter on the fifth reel. Throughout free spins, wilds appear on the fifth reel, and when they do, an extra five spins are added to your session, curtesy of Zeus himself. Anything can happen in Mount Olympus—you could even be the recipient of a random progressive jackpot at the end of any spin.

If none of these float your boat, why not try our perennial favorite online slots Golden Buffalo? One of our most popular slots for a reason, Golden Buffalo takes you to the plains, lets you get up close and personal with nature, and (best of all) can help you win big.