Look at all the different slots selections you can play online here at Café Casino: There are over 200 casino games now available, each of them with something to offer the discerning player. How are you supposed to choose when there are so many great and interesting games to play? No problem: Start by considering which type of slot game you prefer, using the following three best foolproof ways to help you find exactly the right games for you and all your friends.


Fixed Payout, or Progressive?

Most online slots selections have a set amount that you can win as the top prize. Other slots, like Shopping Spree, have a progressive jackpot attached that gets bigger and bigger until someone wins. At press time, the progressive jackpot for Shopping Spree is an amazing $2.735 million. There’s also a tasty $642,000 up for grabs when you play Food Fight, and another $433,000 on the line in Super Diamond Mine. The fixed payouts can be easier to win, but the progressives are definitely worth chasing once they get big enough. Are you ready to win big at Cafe Casino? 


Big or Small Jackpot?

Aside from the progressives, there are some slots that offer a massive jackpot for their top prize, while others have relatively small jackpots, choosing instead to pay out big prizes during their Bonus Features. If you play Hole In Won at Café Casino, you can bag up to 37,500 coins with the National Mini Golf Championships Bonus Round, but nailing that modest 750-coin jackpot will be easier. Or you could go for the more difficult (and more rewarding) 5,000-coin jackpot in Mystic Wolf.


Video Features, or Old-School?

It’s amazing the kind of video and animation you can get with slot machines these days. However, if you’re willing to play some of the less flashy games, you can often get a better return to player (RTP) for your money. Caesar’s Empire is a classic that’s been around since shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire; the graphics are simple compared to some of today’s slots, but the gameplay is satisfying, the theme is eternal, and there’s even a progressive jackpot waiting to be won.