Slots are the No. 1 game played in casinos all over the world. People just can’t get enough of these spin-to-win machines, and as a result, game developers have created a huge variety of them. But no matter how many new games we release, four of our top online slot machines continue to get the most action. At the top of this list of our most popular slot machine games is A Night With Cleo. 


A Night With Cleo

A Night With Cleo pushes the boundaries of scintillating slot experiences. In the introductory video, a note is sent to you by the beautiful Egyptian pharaoh, inviting you to spend the night with her. For alone time with Cleo, you need to play the Double Up game after winning a payout. Click the “Double Up” button, and Cleopatra will hold two lotus flowers in her hands, asking you to pick one. If you pick the flower with gold coins, your payout is doubled, and Cleopatra removes a layer of clothing. 


Caesar’s Empire

Don’t tell Caesar about Cleopatra’s invitation. With a progressive jackpot available in Caesar’s Empire, you need to get on the Roman emperor’s good side. Caesar’s Empire may be an older slot, but it’s a classic and it still gets a lot of action from slot players. What keeps this slot at the top of so many players’ lists? It has a wild that triples payouts, free spins, and a scatter symbol that pays when two or more land anywhere on the reels. The payouts are good, and the gameplay is simple. 


8 Lucky Charms

This 5-reel, 50-line slot game is loaded with luck. See how lucky you are by spinning through Lucky Cat free spins, Dragon wilds, Yin Yang bonuses, Coins, Turtles and more. The most exciting symbol is the Yin Yang, which triggers a simple but satisfying bonus round. A board of Yin Yang symbols will be presented to you; select symbols, and watch them reveal a color. Once you have three matching colors, your prize is added up.