Casino Slots Overview

Nowadays, the majority of casino clientele are slot players. Slot machines appeal to all sorts of people. Some play them to unwind after a stressful day, some play to pass the time, and of course, many play in hopes of winning big. Regardless of the motivations, slot machines are undoubtedly a big hit with players in both physical and online casinos.  

Although mechanics initially determined slot machine wins, the machines have evolved and now use computers. The computers rely on Random Number Generators (RNGs) to determine where the reels land. RNG technology uses a complicated set of algorithms to come up with a number which corresponds to a specific location on the reels. The most important thing to know about RNGs is that there's no way to predict the outcome. Machines don't become "hot" or "cold." Each spin is independent from the last.

Getting to Know Slots: Different Types You Can Play 

Although slot machines all rely on RNG technology, they vary quite a bit in gameplay and structure. There's a lot variety in terms of how many reels and paylines you can get, what kinds of jackpots you can win and how much interaction a game can offer. Most online slot games have three or five reels; the three-reel variants offer fewer paylines and a more basic game experience. Whereas the five-reel games tend to have more intricate gameplay and a higher number of paylines. If you find yourself gravitating toward more complex gameplay, you've got to check out i-Slots.

i-Slots are "the next big thing" in slot gaming, and they're tough to compete with. These 5-reel games offer interactive bonus rounds, elaborate themes and they evolve as you progress through levels. They're perfect for players looking for more interaction than the simple spin-and-win games.

If you care about payouts more than you care about the gameplay, then stick to progressive slot machines. If you've read stories of people winning life-altering sums of money playing slots, chances are, they were playing progressive slots. You still get all the bonus features you'd expect from regular slots, but you get the added value of random progressive jackpots. These jackpots hold a portion of all the money wagered within a network of games. One jackpot can be connected to several different slot games, making it build much faster than if it were connected with a single game. The jackpots continue increasing in value until they randomly pay out to a lucky player. 

And a bit of luck is all it takes with slot games. Now that you understand how the games work, have fun trying them out and deciding which ones are best for you. As always, be sure to play within your bankroll and enjoy the ride. 

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