Cafe Casino has a wild side that few people know about. If you go to the Home page and click Slots, you’ll see a huge assortment of animal-inspired slots to choose from. Some take you deep into jungles, while others come in the form of lovable pets. Just about any type of animal adventure is possible in our casino, which is why animal lovers have so much fun here.

With nearly every type of animal under the sun available in some form or another at Cafe, you may not be sure where to start when you first set out to play animal-themed slots. We always suggest starting with what’s popular; if a game has enough of a following, you know it’s got to be good. That is why we’ve compiled a list of five games that draw the most spinners and include everything from panda bears to gorillas and beyond.

Pandas Go Wild 

Out of all of our panda-themed slot games, this one has the most realistic graphics, which can be made even more realistic by selecting “High” for graphic settings. The game takes you deep into the temperate forests on the mountain ranges of southwest China as soon as you launch it. Keep an eye out for more than just pandas, though. Any time you land three or more matches of any kind on any of the game’s 20 paylines (beginning on Reel No. 1), you get paid according to the paytable. The biggest payout possible is 40,000X your bet.    

Why we love it

Matching icons aren’t the only way to trigger payouts in Pandas Go Wild slot though. A Bonus Game, Free Spins feature, and Expanding Wild are included to boost your odds of winning. The Wild (a Koi) can expand up and down reel No. 3 and cause the four other reels to re-spin, giving you an extra shot at another payout. Should you trigger the Free Spins feature, you get to play 10 games free of charge. As for the Bonus Game, you get to pick icons to determine which multiplier you win—up to a max of 300X. Now that’s a reason to go wild.

Chillin' Penguins 

It’s vacation time in Antarctica, and the penguins are loving it (we are too!). This game has everything you need for some rest and relaxation: pools, chilled beverages, and penguins. Spin the reels and watch these lovable characters soak up their vacation time while you trigger payouts. 

Why we love it

Three different penguin characters appear on the reels of Chillin’ Penguins. The main thing to watch for are matching penguins on the external reels. If the same penguin fills both the first and fifth reel simultaneously, the Freezin’ Penguins Bonus begins. The feature sends the inner reels into a re-spin, and as more matches appear, they too will freeze. The bonus ends when there are no new matches, at which point, you’re likely to have some significant payouts racked up. If you manage to get the entire five reels to match, you’ll receive a massive payout that can send you on your very own vacation.


Cat Kingdom

Cats rule in this feline-focused slot game. As soon as you launch the game, you’ll see a cat king lazing about on a throne over a backdrop of gold coins. He is the main character in Cat Kingdom and the one you want to gain favor with. As you spin the reels, royal icons such as a Castle, a Mouseketeer, and a Golden Knight, offer the potential to score big payouts too. Golden goblets full of warm milk also splash about as they spin around the reels.  

Why we love it

Matching icons have the freedom and flexibility of landing anywhere on consecutive reels in Cat’s Kingdom since no paylines are included. As long as the minimum required matches land on back-to-back reels, beginning with the first reel, it’s a win. To further increase wins, the game has a generous free spins feature called the Shocking Wins Free Spins; this feature awards a cash payout before sending you through to a 7, 15, or 30-spin feature, depending on how many scatters you land.  

Birds of Fury

The birds have arrived and they are furious. They’ve got dynamite, bombs, saws, and menacing looks on their feathered faces that would intimidate the best of us. Though they seem bent on destruction, they also appear eager to trigger wins. A yellow bird holding a fire cracker acts as a Wild and also pays top-dollar when five appear on a payline. The other birds are standard game icons that pay according to the paytable when three or more line up on a payline, beginning with the first reel.  

Why we love it

One unique feature to Birds of Fury is the ability to choose how many paylines you want to enable. Click and drag the “25 Lines” icon down the rope to decrease the number of lines you want active; the default is always 25 paylines. Then spin the reels to see if the birds will send an explosive progressive jackpot your way. It’s random, so it could happen at any time.


Jungle Jam 

We guarantee you’ve never played a game quite like Jungle Jam before. This highly interactive 1,024-ways-to-win slot takes you deep into a jungle to see something you’d never expect to see: a rock concert. There’s so many ways to turn up the wins, including the Yellow Bonus symbol – which if you score at least 3, you’ll trigger 20 Free Spins with Wild multipliers up to 64x!

Why we love it

When you push your way to the front of the crowd, you’ll see a gorilla with a purple mohawk shred riffs on his electric guitar. This lighthearted game doesn’t take itself too seriously; you’ll likely chuckle to yourself when you see the starstruck bumble bee sending hearts to the rock star on stage. Jungle Jam is perhaps the most entertaining slot you’ll find in our casino, especially for people who like the live music scene as much as they like animals.

All games are available in both Practice Play mode and Real Play mode, allowing you to test them risk-free before switching over for real money play. Have fun with the suggestions in this list and feel free to browse the other animal-themed slots beyond these popular five.