Everyone loves a choose-your-own-adventure story! In fact, that’s one of the top reasons people sit down to play slots online – they can decide exactly how they want to play the game.  At Cafe Casino, we have such a wide variety of slot themes available and we’re always adding more to the mix! Whether it’s a journey through space or a little quality time with some animal friends, there’s something for everyone. We’re confident that no matter who you are or what your tastes may be, there is a slot game at our casino that’s perfect for you. 

Slot Game Themes Available at Cafe Casino

Discover what’s available to play right now! Here’s 6 game themes for every slot aficionado.

Cultural/Historical Slots 

People who want to play real money slots often start with something that will take them outside of their current locale. No matter where you are, you can get a taste of a foreign country, or go back in time to witness a great era, simply by launching a spin session of any of our cultural and historical-themed slots. 

We have lots of Caesar and Cleopatra-themed slot games for those interested in Ancient Rome and Egypt; A Night With Cleo and Caesar’s Victory are popular examples. Vikings are another popular pick and provide the storyline for games like Vikings’ Victory. Casino players leaning more towards a cultural escape will get that with Terracotta Wilds, which features intricate Buddhist temples in southeast Asia. No passport required.

Sports Slots

Sports fanatics are always pleased to discover our wide range of major league sports slots. These will get you in the mood for an upcoming season of your favorite sport, or a championship game that’s just around the corner. You’ll also be provided with high-pressure opportunities to score payouts and lead your team to glory. 

Cricket Legends, for instance, pays homage to one of the oldest games in the world. It was England’s national sport in the 1700s before migrating to other parts of the world, like Australia and India. North American sports fans may prefer Gridiron Glory, which takes you to a roaring American football stadium. Hockey Enforcers puts you in an arena where pucks fly and punches are thrown. 


On the other side of the spectrum, we have slots that dismiss realism altogether and offer a trip into a fantastical world of make believe. These slots usually have strong storylines with impressive graphics and are rapidly generating big fanbases. 

The type of story will depend on the fantasy slot you choose. Watch dragons and knights do battle in an old castle with Dragon’s Siege; here, you’ll pick a character to join the fight between good and evil through the game’s lucrative bonus round. Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in an enchanted forest inhabited by fairies in Fairy Wins—one of our top jackpot slots. Genie’s Gifts makes it possible to rub a magic lantern, which is just one of six potential prizes in the game’s bonus reel. Your wish is the genie’s command, so make it count.

Gore & Horror 

We all get a little excited in October when the leaves fall and Halloween beckons. Why not incorporate a little macabre in your spin session through our Gore & Horror-themed slots? Zombies are a good starting point, with their insatiable hunger for brains, and with the slot Zombie FC, you get zombies with a twist. The undead in this game comprises a European football club along with the game referees. A cuter and more playful horror-inspired slot is available with Monster Manor, where you can enter a tomb in a graveyard and collect potions from ghosts for cash prizes. 

Classic Slots

Online slots that adhere to the traditional slot machine format are considered classic slots. Think of those one-armed bandits with the Cherry, Seven and Bar icons whirling around the reels. That’s what you’ll find when you play games like Ten Times Wins and 777 Deluxe. Ten Times Wins is a simpler 3-reel version that offers a massive 10X wild multiplier, while 777 Deluxe has a full five reels and a bonus round with a progressive jackpot. It doesn’t get more classic than that.

Animal Slots 

Recruit some four-legged pals to liven up your slot session with any of our animal-themed slot games. Through these slots, you can choose which type of animal you like best as we have lots of selection with varied furry stars. Feline fans can curl up to a session of Cat Kingdom, which offers 243 ways to win with every spin. A fat white cat donning king’s clothes will sit just above the reels, zapping icons to help you win. If you prefer your animals wild, you can always opt for Animal Wilds, which features some ultra-cool Elephant, Panda and Polar Bear characters spinning through the reels. 

These are just a few of our slot themes, but there’s definitely one for you! To see them all, visit the Slots section of our online casino and browse the options.