If you’ve had the chance to browse the hundreds of real money slots available at our casino, then you may have noticed one recurring theme in particular: the Roman Empire. Even after thousands of years, this period in human history still wows us – especially the time when Julius Caesar was in charge! Caesar’s image has graced many a slot machine over the years, including one of the latest (and perhaps greatest) offerings at Cafe Casino.

What’s not to love about our slot of the month, from the roaring crowds to the magnificent riches. With a potential maximum win of 40,000x your bet and the dazzling progressive jackpot up for grabs, you can try your hand to win those riches and become the ultimate ruler! Here’s what you can look forward to when you play our new Caesar’s Victory slot game.


Caesar’s Victory: Theme

It’s no wonder casinos all over the world keep coming back to this theme. When we think of Julius Caesar today, we think about power; the words kaiser and czar are based on his name. Caesar laid the groundwork for what would become arguably the greatest empire of them all. We think about all the victories he had on the battlefield, and all the gold he and his armies collected. 

And of course, we also think about Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, who lived with Caesar (and allegedly gave birth to his son) before he was killed. Whenever you play a Roman-themed slot at Cafe Casino, you’re likely to see Cleopatra alongside Caesar, and Caesar’s Victory is no exception.

Caesar’s Victory: Format

As vast and complicated as the Roman Empire would become, it’s the simplicity that makes Caesar’s Victory such an enjoyable game to play. You’ve got the standard five reels, with 20 fixed paylines and a clean, visually appealing interface that makes it easy to follow the action. The symbols are elegant, too, with just a small handful of Roman-themed icons (including Caesar and Cleopatra, of course), as well as the familiar poker-themed symbols representing Ace through Nine in the deck.

You’ll also find a comprehensive set of player controls that allow you to tailor Caesar’s Victory to fit your needs. Graphics settings can be set at Low, Medium or High to take full advantage of your device (mobile or desktop computer) without sacrificing game play. Sound effects, which include the roar of the Colosseum crowd, can be toggled on and off, as can the background music. There’s an additional Quick Spin mode that you can use to speed things along, and if you prefer, you can set things up so that hitting the space bar will start and stop the spinning reels.

Caesar’s Victory: Features

The list of features is ultimately what makes Caesar’s Victory so compelling. This is one of the many progressive jackpot slots you can play at Cafe Casino. The pot fills quickly, often toppling over $10,000, and it will keep growing in size with every spin until someone wins it all – then the jackpot will reset and start growing again. This prize is awarded at random, so every spin you take could be a winner. You can browse progressive jackpots at Cafe anytime you like to see all the different games which offer this feature.

What would a modern online slot be without free spins? In Caesar’s Victory, you’ll collect 10 free spins every time you land at least one Caesar symbol, which appears on Reels 1-4 in regular play, along with his mighty Horse on Reel 5. Caesar is the most valuable symbol in this game (appropriately enough, his face appears on a gold coin), acting as a wild symbol and tripling the amount of your prize when he’s used to form a winning line. The Horse is also the scatter symbol, and will change to either a Caesar or Cleopatra icon if it appears during Free Spins mode.

The great thing about these free spins is how easy it is to collect more. During this feature, Caesar can also appear on Reel 5 – and not just those times when the Horse changes form. Every Caesar that appears gets you an extra five spins, giving you even more chances to win. Even better, all prizes are doubled when the Free Spins mode is active.

That’s all there is to it. With a max prize of 40,000x your original bet, and a generous Return to Player of 96.04% (better than many slots, as well as table games like American Roulette), Caesar’s Victory is ideal for new slots players, but also has enough compelling features to make it part of your daily menu. For more information on Caesar’s Victory, consult the description to the left of the game display when you launch, and use the hamburger icon at the top left to view the full list of rules, settings and paytables.

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