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Best Online Casino Slots Games to Play

Of all the games there are to play at Cafe Real Money Casino, slots are far and away from the most popular. We have around 200 different slots for you to choose from, each with something different to offer. But which ones should you try first? We’ll help you make that decision by telling you about the best online slots on our menu. These seven games are all smash hits, drawing thousands of players every day. A quick look at the history of slots will show you how these games became so popular in the first place.

A Brief History of Slots

Way before the internet was invented, mechanical slot machines started popping up in the United States in the late 1800s. The first machines were made available at local saloons, and were based on poker. Players would put in a nickel, pull the lever, and watch the wheels spin, hoping to get a good 5-card poker hand. Depending on the strength of the hand, the player might win a free beer, or cigars.

Simpler slot machines would soon follow, reducing the number of spinning drums (known as reels) from five to three, and adding other symbols to the mix. And to get around the gambling laws of the time, the slots started giving out food prizes to winners, with chewing gum the most common prize. This is how symbols like Orange, Lemon and Cherry ended up on the reels – and why slots are still called fruit machines in much of England.

Slots really took off during the 1940s, starting in Las Vegas, where gambling was legalized during the Great Depression. The “one-armed bandit” became synonymous with the Vegas experience; players could now win cash prizes instead of chewing gum, with the coins spilling into the “hoppers” attached to the machines. You can still find some of these slots in use today, both in Las Vegas and around the world.

The Rise of Popularity of Online Slots

With the advance of technology, slot machines would increasingly switch from mechanical to electronic, starting in the 1960s. Instead of cranking the lever, you now push a button, and instead of coins spilling into the hopper, you now get a printout that you can redeem at the pay window. These advancements made the transition to online slots very easy once high-speed internet became widely available in the early 2000s. As more and more people flocked to internet casinos, the games became increasingly sophisticated – and fun to play. Recent innovations like enhanced graphics and skill-based bonus rounds have only made these slots more popular.

The Best Online Slots You Can Play

Different slots players have different tastes, but no matter what kind of games you prefer, you’ll almost certainly find something to your liking among these seven incredibly popular online slots at Cafe Casino:

777 Deluxe

This is the perfect place to start your slots journey. When you play 777 Deluxe, you’ll get a modern take on the classic fruit theme, with Oranges, Lemons, Cherries, Grapes and Watermelons all on display – plus the familiar BAR symbol and the 777 icon. Trigger the bonus round with three Question Mark symbols, and within the round, you have a chance to land the progressive jackpot.

A Night With Cleo

For something more adult-oriented, play A Night With Cleo, where you’ll be introduced to Cleopatra, the famous pharaoh of Egypt and lover of Julius Caesar. The symbols for this game follow traditional Egyptian themes, with scarabs and gold sphynxes landing on the reels. Free spins are available to be won, and you can play the Double Up game with every winning spin, giving you the opportunity to see what made Cleopatra so famous.


Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film Goodfellas is considered one of the greatest gangster movies of all-time. When you play Goodfishes, you’ll be dealing with the underwater mob surrounding New York City. Free spins and multiple bonus rounds are the catch of the day, served up by Frankie the Fishmonger.

Rise of Poseidon

For a different take on the nautical theme, play Rise of Poseidon, where the Greek god of the sea will guide you on your travels. Poseidon himself is the Wild symbol in this game, doubling your prize money; if he shows up during Free Spins mode, he becomes an Expanding Wild, giving you more winning paylines for an even bigger haul.

Caesar’s Empire

Roman-themed Slots have drawn more players than any other game – especially when Julius Caesar is the main character. Play Caesar’s Empire, and you’ll get a taste of how the first online slots looked and felt. You’ll also meet Cleopatra along the way, and you’ll have a chance to take down a random progressive jackpot, too.

Atlantic Treasures

Go under the sea, where the King of Atlantis and his mermaid companion are waiting to meet you. When you play Atlantic Treasures, you’ll have plenty of chances to land free spins and big multipliers, up to 50X when you trigger the “Catch the Sparkle” Bonus Round. Watch out for those Seahorses!

8 Lucky Charms

All the classic East Asian themes are rolled into one when you play 8 Lucky Charms at Cafe Casino. Traditional flute and zither music will play while you spin the reels, which feature Tigers, Dragons, and the classic Yin-Yang symbol representing the balance between darkness and light. Wild symbols and free spins abound; match three Lucky Cats, and you’ll get to choose how many free spins at which multiplier to play.

Once you’ve had the chance to play all seven of these top online slots and see which ones you like the most, you’ll have a good idea which of the other games on the menu you might enjoy. New slots are being added all the time, too, so make sure to check the full list and learn how to play slots without max betting the next time you’re at Cafe Casino.

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Best Online Casino Slots Games | Cafe Casino