Online casinos have become increasingly popular, with a variety of slot games available to choose from. Rival has set out to build on this growing trend by introducing i-Slots, sure to help you up your online slots experience

i-Slots have unique themes and evolving storylines that combine typical slots play into an enjoyable gaming experience, which is partially a movie and partially a video game. These games can be quite rewarding and offer a fun and interactive video slot world that will have you coming back for more every time.  

Ever-Changing Story Lines

Unlike other slot games with the traditional play of spinning reels, i-Slots feature in-depth storylines that are constantly evolving, bringing added excitement to your gameplay. With i-Slots, it’s virtually impossible for players to predict the game. You may need to spin certain combinations or symbols to advance to another stage, keeping you engaged and wanting more. Some i-Slots even let you choose your own adventure. The player gets to decide how the story evolves. As you progress through the game, the storyline changes. The further you go, the more excitement you’ll get to unlock.

Unique Themes

What also makes i-Slots unique are their catchy and unique themes. i-Slots feature a diverse variety of interesting characters who have a role to play within the storyline. As the game progresses, the look and feel changes, keeping you completely immersed as you enjoy more playtime.


Skill and Intelligence

With i-Slots, both intelligence and skill are also frequently involved. The choices you make in the game can influence your chances at a big score, especially during bonus rounds, another exciting new addition with most i-Slots making them more profitable. Skill-based mini-games during bonus rounds can include clicking buttons in a specific order, which can lead to generous payouts. How the game unfolds depends on the player and their choices; it depends on how you, the player, respond to the scenarios presented.


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