Poker is the greatest of all card games. It’s so popular, casinos offer multiple table games based on poker, including Let ‘Em Ride – which you can play online right here at Café Casino. This is a twist on 5-Card Stud; the goal is to make the best poker hand possible, with the payouts increasing as your hand gets stronger, all the way up to a 1000X payout for a Royal Flush. You can win even more if you chip in $1 for the Progressive Jackpot side bet.

To play Let ‘Em Ride, you place your Ante bet and receive three cards face-up, with two more “community cards” dealt face-down. If you like your hand so far, you can click the Raise button and match your Ante before seeing the fourth card, or you can hit Continue to stick with your original bet size. You have the same two options for the fifth card, as well. Making the right choices between Raise and Continue will narrow the house edge to 3.51%. But which options should you take?

Let 'Em Ride Strategy

The optimal strategy for Let ‘Em Ride starts with the first bet after the cards are dealt. If you already have a winning hand (a Pair of Tens or better, or a Set), you should obviously Raise and get more money in. But you can also Raise if you have three cards to a Straight Flush, as long as they meet one of the following criteria:

- Connected, and higher than 432
- One gap, and at least one card Ten or higher (e.g. T97)
- Two gaps, and at least two cards Ten or higher (e.g. QT8)

If your hand doesn’t fit the bill, simply press Continue and see the fourth card for free. Once again, if you have a winning hand at this point, you should hit Raise before seeing the fifth card. Otherwise, Raise if your hand fits one of these criteria:

- Four cards to any Flush

- Open-ended Straight draw, and at least one card Ten or higher (e.g. T987)

To clarify, an open-ended Straight draw (or outside draw) is when you can complete your Straight by hitting either the front or back end; in the above example, a Jack or a Six on the fifth card will make your hand and pay out at 5-to-1. If your hand doesn’t meet any of these standards, hit Continue and see the fifth card for free. That’s all there is to it. Let ‘Em Ride is one of the easiest table games you’ll find at Café Casino – you should already be an expert after reading this, but feel free to use the Practice Let ‘Em Ride Play mode to get this strategy down pat, and as always, best of luck at the tables.