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How to Win the Most at Online Slots (Without Max Betting)

As a rule of thumb, maximum betting is the best way to play the online slots at Café Casino – when there’s a progressive jackpot in play. Some of these slots allow you to bet a certain number of coins per spin; if you’re playing 5 Times Wins Progressive, for example, you can bet one, two, or three coins at a time – but you have to hit the Max Bet button if you want to qualify for the progressive jackpot.

But what if you don’t like max betting? Not a problem; most of the slots games at Café Casino do not have this function. And even if you’re playing the ones that do feature the Max Bet button, you don’t always have to be chasing down that progressive if you don’t want to. Online Slots at Real Money Casino should be played for entertainment purposes only; leaving some expected value on the table is perfectly all right if you so choose. This Bitcoin Casino slot guide will help you make that choice – we’ll show you how the slots work, how to calculate the probability of winning jackpots, and how to get the most out of your slots experience without hitting the Max Bet button in our Best Online Casino.

How Do Online Slots Work?

Slot machines have come a long way since they were first introduced in the late 1800s. The computerized versions (both live and online) still generate symbols at random – just with more sophistication, and a lot more bells and whistles. Put in your virtual coins, hit the Spin button, and see if you match the required number of symbols on the payline, the line across the display which determines the order in which the symbols should be read. The old one-armed bandits only had the one payline directly through the middle; most online slots have multiple paylines zig-zagging across the screen, and some allow you to read the symbols right-to-left as well as left-to-right.

Role of Probability in Online Slots

Except for some of the newer skill-based slots bonus rounds, these machines (virtual or otherwise) are games of pure chance, which means you’re dealing with the realm of probability. Your chances of winning any particular prize will depend on the number of each symbol on the virtual reels. The more reels there are, and the more symbols (or stops, to be precise) there are on each reel, the more possible combinations there will be. Modern slots can easily have millions of different combinations – which makes it possible to award massive jackpots for lining up exactly the right symbols in the right places.

How to Calculate the Probability of Winning an Online Slot

Every slot machine has a certain return percentage, i.e. the amount of money they return to players. These percentages aren’t made public, but if you want, you can work them out yourself using a little math. Start by looking at the paytable, which shows the prize for each winning spin. Then figure out how many stops there are on each reel, and how many of each symbol the reels contain. From there, it’s just a question of counting combos and matching up the prize money.

Here’s a highly simplified example. Take a 3-reel slot machine with just one payline, plus three stops and three symbols on each reel: Orange, Lemon, and Cherry. There are 3X3, or nine different combinations possible. Your chance of getting three of any one symbol in a row are 1-in-9. If you win two coins for each of these three winning combos, that means the slot is paying out six coins for every nine it takes in, for a return of 66.67%. Note that most slots in real life have a return greater than 90%.

Slot Games With the Smallest Jackpots

If you want to go for a jackpot win without having to bet the max, there are plenty of slots available at Café Casino that don’t ask you to bet the max coins per spin. Some of these gsames even have progressive jackpots attached – usually random progressives, where the prize money is added to your current spin, regardless of where the reels land. The progressives at Café typically start at $1,000 and grow with each spin until someone wins the jackpot. Check the list of games available at Café and you’ll see which ones have small jackpots at the moment, and which ones have built up into five figures or more.

Manage Your Bankroll

It’s incredibly important when you’re playing slots at Café Casino to keep track of your entertainment budget. Knowing the return percentage for your game of choice will help you; so will knowing the size of any progressive jackpot you’re going after. And of course, not betting the maximum will stretch your entertainment dollar too. Try budgeting your time as well as your money – plan for your session to last a certain number of spins, then stop playing and come back another time. Always make the same bet, and never chase your losses by betting larger on your next spin.

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Paylines and Costs

It’s also vital to keep track of how many paylines you’re betting in a single spin. In games with multiple paylines, you can choose ahead of time how many of these lines to bet at once; make sure you’re aware of this functionality, and use it wisely. Betting all the paylines at once can be fun, but it won’t increase your overall return – and it will give you fewer spins for your money.

Bonus Rounds

Now that skill-based Bonus Rounds are available for some slots (like Gold Rush Gus), your skill at play in these mini-games will have a direct impact on your return. Don’t worry too much if you’re not an expert video game player; these mini-games are usually very easy to play, as long as you read the instructions and pay attention to what’s happening on screen.

Slot Games Offered at Café Casino

Whether you’re willing to bet the max or not, there’s a slot waiting for you at Café Casino. Choose from well over 100 games across different themes, such as fantasy, sports, history, and Vegas classics. Don’t miss out on special 3D Slots like Lost Secret of Atlantis, or the premium line of i-Slots like Spy Game. The choice is yours – and you can find more information about all these games right here at Café.

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