A Sizzling Hot New Slot to Try!

As the temperature rises, let's turn our attention to the Golden Buffalo slot game, set in the blazing Southwestern Frontier of the U.S. Since launch, this game has generated a big following thanks to its innovative game format, familiar features and appealing theme. People just can’t get enough of the cowboy-inspired slots that take us to an era where people roamed as free as the buffaloes themselves!

If you have yet to play Golden Buffalo, now’s a good time to try it. Through its graphics and video clips, it will take you on a wild ride through buffalo country, and all you need to do is hit the “Spin” button to have encounters with the wildlife that inhabits it. Along the way, you’ll almost certainly collect payouts that add to the experience on the range. This guide will explain the most important aspects of the game from the theme to format to features, so that you can launch a session and spin the reels with the easy confidence of a true cattleman. 

Golden Buffalo Slot: Why We Love it

1. Appealing thematic : A temporary camp thrown up in the arid and unforgiving southwestern wilderness is the backdrop of Golden Buffalo. Launch the game and you’ll see a herd of golden buffalo stampeding over a starry night sky before they give way to an explanation of the game features. A great big pot of sizzling beans sits on a flickering camp fire just in front of the reels, creating a familiar ambiance for the southwestern theme. 

2. Customizable : Before you get into the action, you’ll need to select your bet size. Pick $0.40, $0.80, $2, $4, $8, $20, $40, $80, $120 or $200 as your stake per spin. The wide range of bets makes this one of the best Cafe Casino slots for both conservative bettors and high rollers alike, and there are many more areas to customize. The Graphic Settings, for example, lets you to select Low, Medium or High for the game images, with High being the best option for a computer and Low being more suitable for a mobile slot session on the go.

3. Effects/graphics : Once you begin spinning the reels, grab your binoculars. You’ll see ‘coons, wolves, bald eagles and, most importantly, golden buffalo spinning round, offering a chance to trigger payouts—along with the standard 9, 10, J, Q, K and A slot symbols. As you land enough matches to trigger a payout, the creatures come alive, adding a nice touch to the game’s visuals. The game soundtrack adds another dimension to the Golden Buffalo theme; it will get you in the mood for a backcountry adventure with its quirky instruments. But you can always switch off the music and sound effect through the toggles in the game settings if you want laser focus. 

Golden Buffalo: Format

The format of Golden Buffalo sets it apart from the majority of online slots here at Cafe Casino, including jackpot slots. It has a sixth reel that makes it possible to earn six matches instead of the maximum five available in most slots. As you can imagine, the six-icon wins award hefty payouts. Six Golden Buffalos (one on each reel) get you $80 on an $8 stake, while the menacing Bald Eagle gets you $60 on the same bet size. The payouts for the game wins are tucked in the Rules section of the menu. 

Another unique feature to the slot is the structure of the game icons, which appear in stacks of up to four icons, boosting your odds of getting the minimum needed matches to trigger a payout. And when you’re browsing the payouts on the paytable, be sure to select the appropriate bet size first, as the paytable updates automatically based on your bet size. No mental calculations required.  

There are no traditional paylines in Golden Buffalo, making it easier to anticipate wins. In order to win, you need two or more matches to fall anywhere on adjacent reels, starting with the first reel on the far left. As long as matches land on consecutive reels, you earn a reward, and the sixth reel really opens up the payout possibilities. Every time you spin, there will be 4,096 possible winning combinations. 

Golden Buffalo: Top Features

Golden Buffalo has 4 bonus features included:

  • Wilds whirl around all of the reels (except the first one) and substitute for all icons (except the Bonus icons) as they attempt to create more wins.
  • The Bonus icons are scatters that trigger the game’s free spins mode when you land at least three anywhere on the reels.     
  • If you make it to free spins mode, the number of free spins you’re awarded will be displayed on the screen in front of you. Then the sun sets and torches are lit for a special nighttime version of Golden Buffalo. Throughout free spins, you get the bonus of having Wild Multipliers appear on the reels and extra free spins added to the tally when you land two or more Bonus icons.
  • The wild multipliers play double duty, substituting for game icons in order to complete winning lines, while also multiplying the payout triggered. And, if two or more multipliers are included in a winning line, the multiplier denominations get multiplied together for a mega multiplier. For example, if there are two 3X multiplier wilds in the winning line, the multiplier would become 9X. The maximum multiplier possible is a whopping 3125X.

Golden Buffalo is one of our most popular new slots for a reason. If you’re not yet convinced, give it a try on Practice Play mode to see if it can bring out your inner cowboy or cowgirl. Chances are you’ll come to appreciate the freedom that’s possible only on the Southwest range.