We recently launched the new and improved table game Tri Card Poker, and it’s been hugely popular. The enhanced user experience is the main reason for the revamped game’s success. If you’ve played Tri Card Poker before, you’re in for a treat, as this new version eclipses the older ones.

To start, you can play the game on whatever device you want. Be it tablet, phone, desktop, or laptop, you can rest assured the game is easy to access and the screen will adapt to the device you’re using. The older versions have a lot of button clutter that makes it hard to play on a small screen, so the sleek and minimalist design of the new version is highly appreciated.

Once you’re in, you choose whether or not you want the game’s sound and music enabled, and are then whisked away to the first round. You can click and drop or drag and drop coins onto the virtual felt, and once you’re ready for action, hit “Deal” to receive your three-card hand.

With your three cards face up in front of you, you choose if you want to continue the round by Raising, or Fold and start a new round. The Raise bet is always equal to the amount you put down for the Ante. Both bets pay 1-1; however, the Ante has three bonus payouts.


Ante Bonus

If you land a top-tier hand (straight, 3 of a Kind, straight flush), you win a bonus payout – even if the dealer beats you. For a straight, you get a 1-1 payout, for a 3 of a kind, you get a 4-1 bonus, and straight flushes net you a 5-1 payout.


Pair + Side Bet

The new Tri Card Poker has the same side bet that was so popular with the classic Tri Card Poker version . It’s called Pair+ and results in a bonus pay if you land a pair or better. Like the Ante bonus, you collect a payout for the Pair+ side bet even if you lose the round, but unlike the Ante bonus, you have to buy in to the Pair+ side bet. You can bet between $1 and $500 on it. The payouts are as follows:

Pair: 1-1

Flush: 4-1

Straight: 6-1

3 of a Kind: 30-1

Straight Flush: 40-1

The new version of Tri Card Poker is available in both Practice Play and Real Play at the Table Games section of our online casino. Try playing it today for a chance to win.