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Who’s got the best baccarat casino online? Cafe Casino, of course. This is your home for all of the great online casino table games, including the classic card game James Bond introduced to the world over 60 years ago. You can play online baccarat for real money right here at Cafe. We’ll get you started by showing you what games are available and how to play them – no tuxedo or formal dress required.

List of Baccarat Games at Cafe

As you may already know, there are several different ways to play baccarat. The game variations we have at Cafe Casino are punto banco games, which we’ll explain in more detail shortly. Punto banco is the easiest and most fun way to play baccarat online; we have several variants for you to enjoy, each with something different to offer.

Classic Baccarat

If you’re looking for the same kind of baccarat gambling experience as James Bond, Classic Baccarat at Cafe is the game for you. All of the features of casino baccarat are there on the virtual felt, from the colorful chips to the sound of the cards being dealt. To make the game even better, we’ve also included a History column that will show the results of each hand you play.


Most of the Classic table games at Cafe Casino can also be played using a modern, streamlined interface, and baccarat is no exception. When you tap or click on Baccarat at Cafe, you’ll get to play the same, great game as Classic Baccarat, but with an updated look and even more tools at your fingertips, including background music and sound controls, a larger History panel, and a “Big Road” display that will help you keep even better track of your results.

Live Dealer Baccarat

There’s also Live Baccarat online in our Live Dealer section. When you want to add a social element, or even play with friends, this is the best choice for you. You play alongside a real human dealer instead of a computer.

Baccarat Online Free Play at Cafe

Not sure which baccarat game to try? One of the best things about playing at Cafe Casino is the Practice mode, which lets you try at all of our table games for free – including baccarat. Use the Practice mode to check out all the different features and see how each game works; you can even use this time to try any betting systems you might be curious about. Then, once you’ve gotten acquainted, switch to Real Money play and get those baccarat cards in the air.

Baccarat Bet Types

The thing that makes the punto banco style of baccarat so easy to play is that you only have two decisions to make for every hand: Which bet to place, and how much. Everything else is taken care of for you at Cafe Casino. Let’s start by looking at the three different bets you can make in baccarat.


This is the most popular bet to make in online baccarat. In this game, cards are dealt into two piles, one representing the Player and one representing the Banker (which is the house in this case). You can bet on either side, but many players choose to bet on their “own” cards. The object of the game is to get as close to nine points as possible; if the Player bet wins, you get paid out at even money.


The Banker bet takes a little bit more savvy to understand, but it’s definitely worth the effort. With this bet, the payout is even money minus a 5% commission, rounded up to the closest 25 cents; for example, if you make a winning $8 Banker bet, the 40-cent commission gets rounded up to 50 cents, and you receive $7.50 in profit. It’s not as good as getting even money, but the Banker bet makes up for it by winning slightly more often than the Player bet.


The third bet you can make in baccarat is on the Tie, which pays out when the Player and Banker finish with exactly the same number of points. The payout for the Tie is the largest there is in this game at a generous 9-to-1. Most brick-and-mortar casinos only pay 8-to-1 for the Tie.

Which of these three bets to make is entirely up to you, but if you want to lower the house edge as much as possible, the Banker bet should be your choice. Because our baccarat games at Cafe Casino use a six-deck shoe, shuffled automatically after every hand, the Banker bet has a house edge of 1.06%, which means you can expect a return of 98.94% on your bets in the long run – better than just about any game you’ll find at the casino.

The house edge for the Player bet is also quite low at 1.24%, so you’re not missing out on much if you prefer to avoid the Banker bet. Because the Tie offers the highest payout in baccarat, it also carries the highest house edge at 4.93%, but again, this is a lot better than the 14.4% you’ll find at casinos that only pay out at 8-to-1. Try sprinkling in some Tie bets with your Player/Banker bets if you want to strike the right balance of fun and betting value.

Now let’s move on to your second decision: How much to bet when you play with real money. Every hand of baccarat at Cafe Casino starts when you place your bet by selecting the appropriate amount of chips on your display; the minimum bet is $1, and the maximum bet is $500. You can choose any size between those limits that you like, as long as you have enough money in your Cafe Casino account.

Since punto banco baccarat is a pure game of chance, we highly recommend using some basic bankroll management to get the most entertainment value out of your sessions. Choose a bet size that will allow you to play a certain number of hands or length of time, depending on which of the three bets you’re making, then stick with that sizing – don’t chase losses (or wins) by betting more. And if you really want to take your baccarat game to another level, you can learn more by consulting the in-game descriptions and rules, as well as our FAQ and Help guides and other informative articles here at our online casino. Promotions are another great option for boosting your bankroll, and on our Promotions page, you’ll see a welcome bonus, referrals program and more. Have fun at Cafe!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play the CafeCasino baccarat games online?

CafeCasino is the perfect gambling site for those who want to start playing baccarat as soon as possible. We offer a simple registration process that you can complete quickly. Then, all you need to do is fund your account and place your bets on any of the top baccarat games that we offer.

What online baccarat games does CafeCasino offer?

Our table games selection is well-managed and we offer some of the most interesting and preferred online baccarat variations. If you are a true fan of this casino game, then our Classic Baccarat variation will be the best pick for you.

How to win baccarat online at Cafe?

The baccarat games at Cafe come with extremely attractive gameplay rules that allow you to use specific strategies. Therefore, if you know the game rules well, you can set up a gameplay plan that can guarantee you win exciting rewards.

What are the baccarat bet types at CafeCasino?

What makes Cafe an excellent online casino to play is the different baccarat bet types that you will be able to benefit from. You can choose from player, banker or tie and manage your gambling session so that you can come out with exciting winnings.

What is baccarat online free play at CafeCasino?

This is a unique feature that you can enjoy at CafeCasino. Our online baccarat games boast a demo mode that will allow you to activate the free game option before you deposit. This mode will help you practice and get used to the gameplay.

Do the CafeCasino baccarat games pay out real money?

Of course, our baccarat games boast extremely attractive payouts. Besides, they offer a vast range of betting limits that will allow you to optimize your gaming session as well as possible. If you choose to play for real money, you will be able to cash out impressive winnings.

When can I play the CafeCasino online baccarat games?

Our gambling site can provide you with endless gambling thrills. You can play 24/7 and keep on chasing the hottest rewards with our excellent online baccarat game propositions. As long as you are eager to play baccarat, you can access CafeCasino even on the go.

Are the CafeCasino baccarat games any good?

Yes, playing at CafeCasino is safe. Our online baccarat games are powered by world-leading software providers and are certified in terms of fairness by leading game testing agencies. We are proud of the excellent security features that rank us in top positions.


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