Many of us turn to casino games to unwind after a busy day. We’re talking about the players who aren’t looking to become world-famous blackjack players, or spend hours studying strategy charts, but rather the ones who’d prefer to relax with some easy games in a low-pressure environment. If that’s you, we’ve prepared a list of five non-demanding, easy-to-learn casino games to help you take it easy at home.  


Scratch Cards

There’s something soothing about scratching away the grey matter on scratch cards. The virtual ones offered in the Specialty section of Café Casino do a fine job replicating the sound and motion of traditional scratch cards, with the bonus of moving graphics. You can play for as little as a penny a round, giving you plenty of playing time while staying within your bankroll budget.



Bingo has been a fan favorite since it was introduced to travelling circuses in the early 20th century. People are still just as excited about this simple lottery-style game, and play online as well as in halls. The online versions are much more creative, and offer more ways to win. You’ll find progressive jackpots, the option to buy extra numbers, and cash-grab bonus rounds in most of our video bingo games. 


Lots of people play roulette just to watch the ball spin around the wheel, clicking as it goes. It can be as easy as betting on red or black, evens or odds – or if you’re feeling lucky, placing a bet on your favorite number. Then click “Spin” and watch the ball whirl around the wheel until it finds a resting position.



Blackjack can be as complicated or easy as you want. The game itself is really quite simple: try to get a higher hand than the dealer without exceeding 21. But of course, you can also get into the thick of strategy with blackjack if that’s your thing. If not, simply choose to Hit, Stand, or Double based on your intuition. See how close to 21 you can get.


Baccarat is a simpler version of blackjack. In this card game, two opponents try to get a score as close to 9 as possible. The beauty is you’re not one of the opponents. All you’ve got to do is bet on who you think will win: Banker, Player or a Tie. Then collect your payout for each accurate guess.

Regardless if you prefer to play card games, lotteries, or roulette, our casino has a variety of games that help people let loose after a long day. Relax the Café Casino way.