Bitcoin is king at Cafe Casino. It trumps all other forms of payment when it comes to ease of deposits, speed of withdrawals and value in bonus cash. That being said, people who aren’t sure what is Bitcoin may be intimidated by the world of cryptocurrencies. It’s easy to get lost in the jargon if you’re trying to read Bitcoin table games reddit threads for the first time.

With the help of our beginner resources (including our comprehensive Bitcoin Guide), we’ve demystified cryptocurrencies, so that it’s just as easy to use as other forms of currency—once you have the initial programs needed to get started. We’ll go over what they are and where to find them, so that you can start to reap the rewards of Bitcoin gaming.


How to Start Playing Table Games with Bitcoin

The question of starting with Bitcoin boils down to how to deposit Bitcoin. Once deposited, Bitcoin gets converted to USD, and everything remains the same as if you’ve deposited with a regular “fiat” currency. Making that first deposit for Cafe Casino table games requires two programs in place: a digital wallet and an exchange platform. The wallet “holds” your Bitcoin for safekeeping, and the exchange facilitates trades between cryptocurrency and fiat.

Both programs are available as apps and can be downloaded straight from the app store on your smartphone free of charge; this is more secure than going to the website on your desktop and using the web app. Some brands combine both the exchange and wallet into a single downloadable app, as is the case with Coinbase and Blockchain. This will save you time and streamline the process of sending funds between your wallet and exchange account.

After creating your wallet and exchange accounts, you can go ahead and start buying Bitcoin in the exchange with money you’ve loaded into your wallet. At Cafe Casino, we accept both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


Is it Easy to Withdraw Bitcoin at a Table Games Site?

Withdrawing Bitcoin at a table games site like Cafe Casino is easy and much faster than the other withdrawal options. Since you’ll already have your wallet and exchange set up, you simply need to copy and paste your digital wallet’s address code when prompted, and the transaction will be posted on the blockchain, where it’ll likely get processed in a half-hour or so.

When the funds appear in your wallet, there’s one final step to complete the process, and that’s converting it to US dollars, or whichever currency you want. You can do this by launching your exchange and hitting the “Sell” button, at which point, you’ll be asked where you want the US dollars deposited. Most exchanges let you link your bank account, PayPal, or your digital wallet to deposit funds.


Best Table Games to Play with Bitcoin

If you intend to take advantage of the many match bonuses available to Bitcoin players, your best Bitcoin table games US options are the poker-based table games, including Let ‘Em Ride, Tri Card Poker, Caribbean Hold’Em and Caribbean Stud. These games, among others, contribute to your bonus’ rollover requirement at a rate of 20%, and they still make it possible to use strategic play to improve your outcomes. Keep in mind, there is no Bitcoin table games app, simply hit up our regular site for your Bitcoin casino gaming, and may the cards fall your way.