Here at Cafe Casino, we’re always coming up with new games to keep you entertained while you play, like Bingo Cataratas and Go-Go Bingo for all you bingo game players out there. But Blackjack and poker continue to be the most sought-after table games at the casino. They include just enough skill to provide players with some agency in the outcome of a game round, which is why they appeal to strategy players. Eventually, one of those bingo games might join the following top eight list, but for now, people prefer to play Blackjack and poker.

1. Classic Blackjack
The most popular “banking” game in the world is also the most popular game at Café Casino. This is blackjack in its purest form, using a six-deck shoe with the dealer hitting on soft 17. All the standard plays are there: doubling down, splitting, surrenders and insurance. Play your cards right, and you’ll face some of the lowest house edges available at the casino.

2. Caribbean Hold’em
Not only do you get to play a simplified version of the hottest poker game in the world, you also get a crack at a another progressive jackpot. At press time, the jackpot is a healthy $82,000 and growing. Caribbean Hold’em is a follow-up to the massively successful Caribbean Stud Poker game which shares that progressive jackpot.  

To play, you put down an Ante wager and will receive a two-card hand. The Dealer also gets a two-card hand, and three community cards will be placed face-up on the table. The remaining two community cards are placed face-down on the table. You need to raise the stakes if you want to go head to head with the Dealer and see the last two remaining cards. The Dealer qualifies with a pair of Fours or better.  

3. Tri Card Poker
If you prefer to keep your table games simple, this take on Three Card Poker should be right up your alley. After laying an Ante bet, you and the play Dealer each receive three cards. You must choose whether you want to Raise or Fold—this is your only action in the round. Raise, and your hand will be compared with the Dealer’s to see who’s is stronger. If your hand is better, you win. The Dealer must have a Queen or higher to qualify.

The strategy for Tri Card Poker is incredibly simple, too: Fold if you have a hand worse than Queen-Six-Four. That means a King-Three-Two is a raise, and a Queen-Five-Five is a fold. There’s also a Pair+ side bet that can get you up to 40:1 when you land a hand that is either a Pair or stronger.

4. The New Blackjack
Your search for the best online casino table games should start here. This is the new Blackjack variant everyone’s talking about. The rules of this card game are the same, but the design has been updated and modernized, making it easy to play from your smartphone. New Blackjack players are especially drawn to this card game because it helps you learn online Blackjack with three tutorials that teach you about basic game play, the re-bet option, taking insurance, splitting cards and doubling bets.

Just like our Classic Blackjack casino game, you can play up to three hands at once against the Dealer, who is limited to one hand. A few other rules to note: a six-deck shoe is used and is shuffled after every round, you can surrender your hand at the start of the round and retrieve half of your bet, and the Dealer hits on soft 17. Like all of our Blackjack casino game variants, landing a natural gets you a 3:2 payout. Try it for free using the Practice Play mode at Cafe Casino, and learn about how to play optimally through our online Blackjack Guide.

5. Zappit Blackjack
Ever wished you could just vaporize the two cards you’ve been dealt? Wishes come true when you play Zappit Blackjack. In this Blackjack variant, if you are dealt one of those dreaded 15, 16 or 17 hands, you can hit the “ZAP” button and make that trash disappear; the cards are replaced by two new ones. Blackjacks still get paid out at the standard 3:2 when you play this game at Cafe Casino, making it lucrative and fun.

In Zappit Blackjack, you’ll see game creator Geoff Hall’s signature Dealer Push rule that evens the playing field since the Zap feature flips the odds in the player’s favor. Basically, when the Dealer busts with a score of 22, and your score is under 22, the result is a push, with all money returned.

6. Let ‘Em Ride

Instead of pitting you against the Dealer, like the majority of our poker-based table games, Let ‘Em Ride sets you up with the goal of landing a pair of Tens or better in order to win a payout. A round of Let ‘Em Ride begins with a bet, which initiates the deal. You start with three cards face-up, and two are placed face-down on the board—these are part of your hand should you choose to pursue the round. Your first choice is whether to progress to the next round, which requires you to raise your bet, or fold and end the round. If you choose to raise, one of the two remaining cards are flipped over, giving you another opportunity to raise or fold. If you raise again, the final card is flipped over—if you end up with a pair of Tens or better, you win.

Let ‘Em Ride is one of the few table games to offer players the chance to win a progressive jackpot. To be eligible, you’ll need to put $1 on the side bet at the start of the round. Payouts for the jackpot start at $75 for a Flush and move up in size as you move up the poker hand rankings. You’ll need to land a Royal Flush to bag the whole thing.


7. Craps

Craps is a game of luck that is popular with casino players because of the varied betting options that you get to choose from on the layout. Normally when you play in a brick-and-mortar establishment, there is a croupier running the game and the players around the table take turns being the “shooter,” which is the dice roller. The best part of playing Craps online is the fact that you get to be the shooter every time. 

We have two versions of Craps to choose from: a classic one that replicates the setting of a brick-and-mortar casino, and a modern one that focuses on simplicity and improved user experience. Both games offer the same bets, including the Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Odds, Field bets and more. If you’re new to the wonderful world of Craps, check out our Craps guide for explanations of how each of these bets (and more) work on the Craps table.

8. Baccarat

People love to play Baccarat and it’s no wonder why. Despite the exclusive nature of the game, it’s actually quite simple. Two opponents (the Player and Banker) go head to head in a battle for the higher score. They start with two-card hands and then, depending on their scores, may be dealt a third card to complete their hand. The rules to the third card are systematic and the rules are listed on a tableau in the game settings. 

Unlike with Blackjack, you don’t need to worry about deciding when to hit vs. stand with Baccarat. Simply bet on who you think will win the round: the Player or Banker. Alternatively, you can bet that they’ll tie for a 9:1 payout. According to the probabilities, the Banker will win marginally more rounds than the Player, but a 5% commission offsets this advantage.

9. American Roulette

There’s nothing quite like a spinning roulette wheel in a casino. The sounds and colors make it one of the most visually impressive sights that has become an icon in all land-based casinos. When you play Roulette online, you get to control when the wheel is spun because you’re the only one placing bets. Simply drop chips on numbers and watch the wheel spin.

At Cafe Casino, we have both European and American Roulette that you can play, but it’s American Roulette that gets more action. In American Roulette, you have numbers 1 to 36, a 0 and a 00 to choose from on the betting layout. Wager on small groups of numbers for the potential to win big, or bet on half of the board for greater odds of winning. The choice is yours. There’s no right or wrong way to bet and play on Roulette. 


Each of these table games has a big following with our casino players for unique reasons. Some people like to stick to classic games, while others welcome fresh new spins on them. Which camp do you fall into? If you’re unsure, start to experiment. All of these games can be tested on Practice Play mode right here at Cafe Casino, and of course, when you want to play table games online for real money, you can switch to Real mode.