Go-Go Bingo

Find out how to play Go-Go Bingo online

Game Description

It’s bingo time at the casino. Go-Go Bingo is full of opportunities to land any one of the 12 winning patterns. You get four cards, and each one has 15 numbers. A total of 30 numbers (between 1 and 60) are drawn each round. Once the round’s over, if you’re short a number, you get another opportunity. Go-Go Bingo has an “Extra Balls” feature that gives you the option of buying extra balls. You can buy up to nine balls, giving you nine more chances to win an epic payout.


How to Play Go-Go Bingo

  1. Select the coin value associated with each card.
  2. Thirty-one random balls will be released.
  3. Click “Extra Balls” to buy additional balls.