Bitcoin Help


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a distributed peer-to-peer digital currency. It’s decentralized...

How does Bitcoin work?

The Bitcoin network is held together by the blockchain.

Is Bitcoin secure?

Bitcoin transactions don’t require any of your personal or private information...

Are there any transaction fees?

Bitcoin payments usually processed without any fees.

How do I make a Bitcoin deposit?

To deposit funds to your account using Bitcoin there are five easy steps to follow.

What are the Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal limits?

Check out the Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal limits here.

When will my Bitcoin funds be available to play with?

It could take up to 15 minutes...

What are the recommended Bitcoin wallets and exchanges?

Click Learn More to view which is best for you.

Are there deposit/withdrawal fees for using Bitcoin on Café Casino?

No fees are charged by Café Casino for Bitcoin withdrawals...

How do I request a withdrawal via Bitcoin?

In order to request a withdrawal, follow these easy...

Can I cancel a Bitcoin withdrawal after requesting it?

You can cancel a withdrawal request if the withdrawal payment...

What are the advantages of using Bitcoin on Café Casino?

Deposit and withdrawals are quicker, cheaper, more frequent, and...

How can I turn Bitcoin into cash?

If you would like to sell Bitcoin online, there are three options at your disposal.