Why Play Bingo Online 

Americans have been playing Bingo for almost a century. What started as a fun game that you could play in travelling circuses, spread coast to coast, and eventually made its way on the internet. Online Bingo is popular because it’s a low risk/high reward game that’s easy enough for anyone to play.

Bingo cards can typically be purchased for as little as a penny and as much as $10, making it one of the most affordable games in a casino. These small-scale stakes can result in tens of thousands of dollars in payouts. Some games even include progressive jackpots. For example, Bingo Ribeirinhos just paid out an $8,000 progressive jackpot.


Simple Gameplay, No Dabbers Required

As mentioned, part of bingo’s appeal is based on the ease of play. There’s no strategy to bingo. Simply buy your cards and hope enough of your numbers are drawn to result in a payout. The only thing you need to do pre-play is decide how many cards you want and how much to stake per card. If you’re playing Go-Go Bingo, you also choose a color for your bingo screen.

When you’re ready to play, a pre-determined amount of numbers are drawn, and any matching ones on your card are highlighted. One frustrating element of the game is when you’re one number short of a big win. To solve this, many new versions of video bingo, such as Amazonia Bingo, include an Extra Balls feature. For a price that varies depending on how close you are to a win, you can purchase extra balls for a last chance to scoop up a payout.

Bingo was once no more than a standard card with 25 or so numbers in individual squares. It’s still that way at bingo halls, but online bingo has experienced an evolution in gameplay. Games have unique themes and bonus rounds that make the experience much more engaging. For example, soccer fans love playing Bingo Goal because of the penalty kick bonus round. Have a look through our bingo selection and see if there’s a theme that speaks to you.