It’s no secret: Cafe Casino players love bingo. To keep up with demand, we’ve added five new bingo games for real money – all in the last five months. The five amazing latest additions have been especially popular, so if you haven’t had a chance to check them out, here’s what you’re missing.


Amazonia Bingo

Play bingo deep in the Amazon Rainforest with Amazonia Bingo. This game offers the popular Extra Balls features, a bonus round, and four unique ways to land prizes. Trigger the bonus round, and you’ll be brought to a section of forest that’s teeming with wildlife. Choose the critters you want to guide you around the forest; each one leads you to a unique payout.


Pesca Bingo

From forest to ocean, Amazonia Bingo gives way to Pesca Bingo – an underwater paradise. Schools of brightly-colored fish gather round the four bingo cards, curious about the game. After each round of 30-ball bingo, you’ll have the chance to buy more numbers in hopes of landing one of 12 winning patterns. One of the patterns triggers a round of “Go Fish” for extra coins.


Bingo Ribeirinhos

You may have to battle the Ribeirinhos people for those fish. This river village is fully equipped to catch fish – and payouts. After the 32nd ball drops, watch the fisherman deftly bring up extra balls from under the water with the use of his oar. He can get you 13 extra balls if you pay him enough.


Tribo Bingo

Ingratiate yourself with the tribe by displaying your bingo prowess and archery skills in Tribo Bingo. This game boasts 10 winning patterns, an archery bonus round, and an Extra Balls feature that gets you up to 12 numbers if you’re short at the end of a round. You also get to play over a backdrop of grass huts and palm trees, which makes for a pleasant virtual get-away.


Bingo Goal

He shoots, he scores! In Bingo Goal, you get to experience what it’s like to be the world’s best soccer player – while playing bingo. The best winning pattern you can land in this game is the bonus round, which let’s you take a penalty kick for bonus cash. Other than that, you’re looking at an Extra Balls feature and 10 unique winning patterns. See how many you can score while playing Bingo Goal at Café Casino today.