A new specialty game has taken the online casino world by storm, and it’s called Thundercrash! 

This casino arcade game is unlike any we’ve seen before. Thundercrash has old-school arcade-style graphics, a multi-player component (which is new), and requires quick decision-making by players in high-pressure situations. Those who can handle the pressure of this unique game can reap rewards that rival our favorite online slots. If you haven’t tried it yet, this game should be at the top of your must-play list. But don’t just take our word for it—we’ll explain why in this article.  


Thundercrash has cemented itself in the hearts of players who love the nostalgia of arcade games from the ‘70s and 80s—when arcades were in their prime. The game uses simple 2D holographs that depict an outer space scene, including the moving rocket ship, paying homage to arcade favourites like Atari and Space Invaders. 

This version, however, is a casino game and not a video game. You don’t control the movements of the rocket ship like you would with Atari; instead, you’re a captain on its journey through space. The tension in the storyline comes from an awareness that the trip will be cut short due to an inevitable crash. That leaves you and your shipmates with a critical decision: you must choose when to abort the mission and grab your cash. Those who do this successfully are rewarded at the end of the round. Those who don’t lose their bets and must wait until the next round begins.

How To Play Thundercrash 

Thundercrash has merged the world of arcade gaming with casino gaming by offering people a chance to watch a rocket ship soar around obstacles in space and capitalize on their own quick decision-making. Unlike with arcade games, you get paid cash for your good decisions when you play Thundercrash here at Cafe Casino. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know when the rocket ship will crash; it’s all at random, which puts Thundercrash in the category of “chance” casino games, like slots. But it is fun to see every one decide how long to hold out, when to jump ship, and whether or not it pays in the end.

Since there are multiple people playing Thundercrash arcade game simultaneously, you’ll need to select an avatar upon launch to identify yourself. All of the players taking part are visible at the top of the screen, making it possible to see how everyone does in the round. After selecting a stake for each bet ($0.50 minimum bet), you can place your bet and be ready for the next launch. A handy “Auto Cash-Out” button will ensure that you cash out at a specific time just in case. 

As the Thundercrash rocket takes off into space, a multiplier prize initiates, beginning at 1.00X. That multiplier continues to get bigger as the rocket soars through space, and continues to climb until the point of the inevitable crash. To maximize your returns, you must use your own strategy to determine how long you can hang on before hitting the “Cash Out” button; do it in time, and you’ll save yourself and your prize. A great feature of this specialty game is that you can see when other players cash out, too.

Before you strap in for your flight, try depositing with any of our available cryptocurrency deposit options. The majority of our players use crypto casino methods to fund their account and play thrilling games like this one.

Why You'll Love Thundercrash

We only just released Thundercrash a few months ago and its already gained a big fanbase. Not only does it give people a chance to shake up their gaming routine by providing a completely unique betting experience, it also provides a little bit of nostalgia that makes things extra fun and memorable for many players. Getting to share that nostalgia with other players who are on the same space ship, and hoping for the same outcome, creates an opportunity to connect with others. 

In addition to being fun to play, Thundercrash is also a good game for those looking for big payouts. It’s possible to trigger very big payouts that you have a hand in controlling, like you would with our table games. Up to $100,000 can be won in a single round, making Thundercrash as potentially lucrative as our progressive slot games.   

Feel free to check out Thundercrash free of charge in Practice Play mode. With this function, you can watch the game in real time and see what other people are doing. See the size of the multiplier and how long it generally takes to reach a decent payout. It’s a highly-entertaining game to observe since you get to see the outcome for everyone involved. When it’s time to join the action, log in to your Cafe Casino account (or sign up for one if you have not yet done so), make a deposit and board the ship with the other players. There’s no better game to test your fortitude.

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