How to Get Familiar With Games Using Practice Play

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you play real money slots at Cafe Casino. Actually, there is one thing: You can play casino games for free at Cafe using the Practice Play mode. This is a great way to give new games a try before you put your hard-earned money on the line, and you can do it for all the games we have on the menu – slots, table games, video poker, you name it. With Practice Play, casino games are much easier to master; we’ll show you how in our latest guide.

Practice Play: A Great Way to Learn

Every game has its rules, even the slots, so if you’re going to try a game for the first time, using the Practice mode for free play at Cafe Casino is a smart way to learn the ropes without putting any money down. Each game comes with a description that introduces you to the general theme and the rules. Once you open Practice Play, you can access the full set of rules in-game, and try out all the different options for audio and video.

Being able to play free casino table games is even more important when there’s strategy involved. Almost all the slots at Cafe are games of pure skill, which means the only real decisions you’ll be making are which games to play and how much to bet. Once you move into table games and video poker, you need to employ a little strategy – or a lot – to get the highest possible returns. Practice mode casino games let you work on these strategies ahead of time, so you’ll be ready to play like a boss when you switch to Real Money mode.

Generally speaking, the easiest games to play at Cafe Casino will also have the simplest strategies to learn. Tri-Card Poker, for example, can be mastered by remembering these three cards: Queen-Six-Four. If your three cards are at least this good, hit the Raise button. It should only take a moment or two of Practice Play to get that strategy down pat.

Once you’re ready to tackle the Video Poker section, Practice Play becomes even more important. Learning the optimal strategies for these games will reduce the house edge to the lowest you’ll find with any of the games on our menu. These strategies require a lot of practice, though, so consider working on simplified, near-optimal strategies first. You’ll get almost as many returns with a simple strategy, without having to put too much stress on your brain. You can always go back and fine-tune your strategy later to account for the handful of situations where a better play is available.

Use Practice Play to Understand Paytables and Features

Even if you’re all about the slots when you play at Cafe Casino, using the Practice Play mode will help you figure out all the bells and whistles for the games that catch your eye. Some classic slots have just a handful of features, with the paytable sitting next to the game display at all times. More modern slots offer you everything from free spins to bonus games (some of them skill-based), and maybe even a progressive jackpot that can only be triggered in certain ways. Playing these games in Practice mode is the best way to get acquainted with all these features before you try the Real Money games.

When you’re at the tables or the video poker machines, paytables take on even more importance – you can’t find the best strategies if you don’t know the payouts. Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Hold’em feature optional side bets that also qualify you for the progressive jackpot; different video poker games have different paytables, especially when there are Wild cards involved. Each game has its own optimal strategy that requires at least some practice to execute. As with anything, the more you practice, the better you’ll perform.

Where to Find the Practice Play Mode

Every time you open a game at Cafe Casino, you’ll be given two options: Practice Play, and Real Money play. All you have to do is select the mode you want to use. When you choose Practice Play, you’ll be given a certain amount of play money ($1,000 is common) to start with. If you happen to run out, just reload the game and start again. You can also reload to switch modes at any time.

Real Money Games to Try

Now that you know how to use the Practice Play mode, use it to kick the tires on these three tremendously popular slots at Cafe Casino, then jump into Real Money play once you’re ready:

Gold Rush Gus: This 5-reel game is loaded with special features, including Free Spins (plus the Lava Re-Spin), Treasure Chests, a Bonus Game, a Mini Jackpot, and a random Progressive Jackpot that can be won at the end of any spin.

A Night With Cleo: For something a bit more exotic, take A Night With Cleo for a spin. Every time you win, you can activate the Double Up Bonus game and see what the Queen of the Nile has up her sleeve. All this, and a progressive jackpot, too.

Instant Inferno:This game is fire. It’s all about the free spins and the multipliers when you play Instant Inferno, and you’ll be collecting tons of those spins, thanks to all those scatter symbols on the board

There are hundreds of games waiting for you at Cafe Casino, so give them all a try using the Practice Play mode and let us know which ones you like the most. Then keep an eye out for even more new games to play, and the free casino bonuses you can scoop up. Visit our Promotions page to learn more, and enjoy the games here at Cafe.