A brand new and exciting type of jackpot is being dished out Cafe Casino: Hot Drop Jackpots! That’s right – we’re bringing you jackpots 24/7! Hot Drop Jackpots are jackpots that will drop, either by a specific time or entirely at random. We’re talking jackpots every hour, every day, all the time!

Knowing how Hot Drop Jackpots work will help you harness their power and add them to your growing slot strategy. In this guide, we’ll explain how to play Hot Drop Jackpots and how to ensure you’re eligible to win. Finally, we’ll show you how to test them out yourself by pointing you in the direction of our Hot Drop Cafe Casino Jackpots. 

How Hot Drop Jackpots Work 

You may be wondering what makes Hot Drop Jackpots different from regular progressive jackpots that are already popular in our online casino. Well, some of the Hot Drop ones have limits for when they’ll be won; they can be won at any point before reaching it. At Cafe Casino, these new jackpots come with time-bound limits.

There’s three types of Hot Drop Jackpots available:

  • Hourly Jackpots drop once per hour, with an average prize pot of over $1K
  • Daily Jackpots drop once per day, with an average prize pot of $25K
  • Epic Jackpots drop at anytime and can reach a huge amount 

The exact prize amounts are visible inside the game and update in real-time. With the Hourly Jackpots and Daily Drop Jackpots, the jackpot card gets red-hot, showing players that they should join the action for a chance to try to win the pot when the odds are at their absolute greatest. 

In addition to the visual cues provided, you’ll see exactly how many minutes and seconds are left before the jackpot reaches its limit and must be triggered. That gives you a more precise idea of how much time remains before the jackpot is dropped; this makes it possible to launch a session at just the right moment, and with a little luck, cash in on this exciting game. And of course, having one jackpot drop at anytime means you can be a winner at any point in the day!

How to Win Hot Drop Jackpots

Hot Drop Jackpots are available on some of our most popular slots including:

No need to learn any new gameplay; these online slots are already big hits with our casino players, so you will likely recognize them. But now they come in our daily Hot Drop Jackpots.

To trigger any of the Hot Drop Jackpots, you must land three special “Hot Drop” icons anywhere on the reels in these games, just the same way you’d need to land scatters to trigger game bonuses. Immediately, you will be brought to a jackpot wheel, which spins for one of the three included Hot Drop CafeCasino prizes (Hourly, Daily, Epic). Regardless of which one you win, you can be certain that when you feel the thrill of the Hot Drop, you’ll want to play again and again. And you can, thanks to our 24/7 jackpots!

Spread the word to friends about these exciting new jackpots too… and you could collect a casino referral bonus while you’re at it!

Benefits of Hot Drop Jackpots at Cafe Casino

Hot Drop Jackpots, sometimes referred to as must drop jackpots, could become even more popular than our regular progressive jackpot slots in the near future. With tons dropping per month, there’s loads of chances for anyone to become the next big winner!

The “drop” schedule in the hourly and daily jackpots gives some clarity as to when the prizes will be drawn, as someone will walk away a winner during that timeframe. Not only that, but these jackpots are dropping much more frequently. That leads to a much more exciting situation than you’d find with our other progressive jackpots. Plus, the epic jackpot can drop at random and grow to mammoth proportions – the best of both worlds!

Play Hot Drop Jackpots Now! 

So, where do you find our Cafe Casino daily jackpots? You’ll need to launch them from our Jackpots section, under Hot Drop Jackpots, as the regular mode will still be available for players who prefer the classic experience. When you play with one of our crypto casino transaction methods, you can get your wins so much faster too!

Whether you like Egyptian-themed slots with a scintillating Gamble feature, Wild West storylines, or slots that stick with a more classic Vegas experience, you can get that in our Cafe must drop jackpots for an even greater thrill than ever before. We’re excited to get the Hot Drop Jackpots party started here at Cafe Casino.