Which Café Casino blackjack game is most suited to you? Knowing what qualities you like in a game will help you sift through the options. We have six variants to choose from and have determined what kind of player each variant appeals to, making it easier for you to sit down and play.


If you’re a traditionalist – go for standard blackjack. Why mess with a good thing? Café Casino’s standard blackjack uses six decks. You can bet between $1 and $500 per hand, and get the option to split up to three hands. The dealer hits on soft 17 in this popular variant.


If you strive for perfection – go for Perfect Pairs. This has the same rules as standard blackjack, but you get a bonus payout for nailing a pair. How much you get paid depends on how perfect your pair is. See below for payout details:


Mixed Perfect Pair: For example, Jack of Hearts and Jack of Clubs: 6:1

Colored Perfect Pair: For example, Jack of Hearts and Jack of Diamonds: 12:1

Perfect Pair: For example, Jack of Hearts and Jack of Hearts: 25:1


If you’re a blackjack elitist – go for Single Deck Blackjack. Blackjack connoisseurs flock to this game. When using basic strategy, this variant offers the slimmest house edge of all six blackjack games. You’ll see lots of casinos changing the blackjack payouts to 6:5 in Single Deck, but Café Casino honors the standard 3:2 payout, which reduces house edge to as little as 0.15%. That goes a long way when you’re betting between $25 and $300 per hand.


If you’re assertive – go for Zappit Blackjack. All other variants will feel passive after playing this six-deck blackjack game. Every time you land a hard 15, 16, or 17, you have the option to discard the hand, and get a new one. It’s a great bonus that gives you more control over your hands. To even out the playing field, when the dealer busts on 22 and you have a score under 22, it’s a push.


If you have a balanced approach – go for Double Deck Blackjack. It’s the perfect medium in the blackjack world. The house edge is reasonable at 0.22% (with optimal strategy), and you can bet as little as $10 per hand. But the best bonus of all is that the dealer stands on soft 17, which benefits you – not the casino.   


If you’re used to European casinos – go for European Blackjack. In this variant, the dealer doesn’t receive the second card (the hole card) until you complete your actions. This affects the round when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. Since the dealer waits until you finish your moves before receiving the second card, you can still place bets when the dealer has an Ace. In American Blackjack, when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, his hand will immediately be checked for blackjack, restricting you from placing bets (except for insurance).