For a seven-card high-low version of table game poker, try Pai Gow Poker at our online casino. It pits you against the dealer in a game inspired by the Chinese domino game, Pai Gow.

To play the version at our casino, start by putting down a bet between $1 and $500 and then hitting “Play.” Seven cards are dealt to you face up, and seven cards are dealt to the dealer face down. The goal of the game is to divide your seven-card hand into two hands (one five-card hand, and one two-card hand) that are stronger than the dealer’s two hands. If you succeed, you get an even-money payout minus a 5% commission. If you win one hand, and the dealer wins the other hand, the result is a push.


Pai Gow Poker Rules

  • Although standard poker hand rankings apply, the second-highest straight is a wheel (A2345).
  • The 53-card deck used in Pai Gow Poker contains a Joker, which can be used to complete straights and flushes. Otherwise, it acts as an Ace.
  • The dealer wins ties.
  • The five-card hand must be stronger than the two-card hand.


Let’s run through a hand example. Let’s say you get a Jc - Ks - Kc - Jd - 8s - 5c - 3h. You have two pair. Put the top pair (Ks - Kc) in the high hand and the smaller pair (JcJd) in the low hand to create these hands: Ks - Kc - 8s - 5c - 3h and Jd - Jc. They’re both strong hands, so you have a good chance at beating the dealer.

If Pai Gow Poker seems interesting to you, try it for free using Practice Play. Once you begin to feel comfortable dividing the hands in an optimal way, switch over to Real Play mode to collect payouts.