With people spending more time at home, many are wondering where they can play table games with cryptocurrency. It should come as no surprise that Cafe Casino is your No. 1 destination for online table games, and we’ve been serving Bitcoin players for years now. All of our promotions target Bitcoin players with even bigger match bonuses and limits than what’s possible with standard deposits. Even if you’re completely new to the Bitcoin scene, or scratching your head wondering what is Bitcoin, getting started is easy at Cafe Casino—just check out our comprehensive Bitcoin Guide.


How to Deposit with Bitcoin to Play Table Games

Figuring out how to deposit Bitcoin into your Cafe Casino account requires some basic navigation around your digital wallet—once you have funds loaded. There’s a “Send” button for sending your Bitcoin to an external account; tap or click this and you’ll be prompted for the recipient’s digital address code. To find your digital address code, log in to your Cafe Casino account, and go to Deposit Funds. When asked how you want to deposit, locate the type of cryptocurrency you have in your wallet (either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash), and your account’s address will be generated automatically. Then simply copy and paste the code into your wallet and a confirmation page will appear. Don’t forget to take advantage of our Bitcoin match bonuses that are available for every Bitcoin deposit you make.


How to Withdraw with Bitcoin Fast

Let’s say, you’ve had fun playing our online Bitcoin table games (keep in mind, there are no online table games app options) and are ready to take your payout to splurge on something meaningful. The main reason people withdraw with Bitcoin is to get paid fast. With just a 15-30 minute-wait time after the withdrawal is approved, Bitcoin is by far the fastest option. To withdraw, you’ll need your digital wallet’s address code to input into your account when prompted. Hit “Request/Receive” in your wallet to find it, and one will be auto-generated.

After your Bitcoin appears in your wallet, you can convert it to US dollars at the same exchange where you initially purchased from. Log in to your exchange account, look for the “Sell” button on the dashboard, and complete the transaction in just a few clicks or taps.

With the right wallet and exchange, using Bitcoin is a very straightforward process that enables you to capitalize on endless bonus cash. Browse through our Video Library for clips that show you every step of the journey.