Big match bonuses are the No. 1 reason people migrate to Bitcoin for deposits at Cafe Casino. While our standard bonuses do attract a lot of attention, they can’t compete with the Bitcoin bonuses, which are in a league of their own. If you haven’t yet experienced the glory of getting to play Bitcoin table games for free (with bonus money), you’re in the right place. This article is all about bonuses, so read on, and your bankroll will thank you.

Anyone who is just figuring out what is Bitcoin and how to deposit Bitcoin should check out our comprehensive Bitcoin guide. You’ll learn about all of the perks that come with being a Bitcoin player at Cafe Casino.


How to Activate a Bitcoin Table Games Bonus

With Bitcoin loaded in your digital wallet, you’re ready to make your first deposit, and that means you get to activate a match bonus in the process. Claiming the welcome bonus (and any bonus for that matter) is done after you click “Deposit” in your account. A menu with all of your bonus options will appear on the dashboard, so choose the one that you want to claim. When your deposit comes through, the funds are automatically added to your bankroll without any further action required from you.

How to Use a Bitcoin Table Games Bonus

Because bonuses are designed for free play in the Cafe Casino table games,  video poker and slots sections, they come with a playthrough requirement (also known as a rollover requirement), which you’ll see stated in the terms and conditions. You need to play through the bonus amount and deposit a certain number of times in order to withdraw the bonus and collect your winnings. This will likely happen naturally the more you play, but to check in on your progress, you can click “My Rewards” and find the Active Bonuses menu. A playthrough meter will show how far you’ve progressed as a percentage.


How to Withdraw a Bitcoin Table Games Bonus

Once that metre hits 100%, it’s time to collect your winnings and bonus cash. Follow the same steps that you normally would to withdraw by logging into your account and hitting the “Withdraw” button. All of our withdrawal options will appear, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Once you select your preferred cryptocurrency for your withdrawal, you’ll be prompted to put in your digital wallet’s address code, which can be generated by hitting the “Request/Receive” button in your wallet.

While some people like to keep the Bitcoin on the blockchain, table games players mostly like to complete the withdrawal process so that they can have cash-in-hand. That means launching your exchange app and converting your Bitcoin to US dollars, or whichever currency you want. Link your bank account, and the withdrawal will be complete in lightning speed.

For more information on how our bonuses work, see the Bonus section of our FAQ. Everything from eligibility requirements to expiration dates are covered there. And if you don’t see an answer for your question, feel free to contact our Customer Service team for further information. In the meantime, grab that sweet bonus cash.