There was a time when going to the bingo hall was a regular social event. That time is long gone especially with the Corona Virus Pandemic. Bingo halls still exist, but their numbers are dwindling; more and more people are choosing to play online bingo instead – including the new Bingo Cataratas and Go-Go Bingo games at Cafe Casino. Here are five reasons people prefer the Cafe Casino online bingo experience:

Smoking Allowed

One of the biggest reasons for the drop-off in live bingo over the past decade is the spread of “no smoking” regulations. You can smoke at your leisure when you’re playing online at home.

Talking Allowed

It’s supposed to be a social game, but live bingo doesn’t let you talk to your neighbors much. It’s a social faux pas to chat while the game is going on, just in case people miss hearing their numbers called. You won’t miss a thing when you play bingo at Café Casino. Talk all you want, and take as much time as you need between turns.

No Daubers Necessary

The dauber (or “dabber”) is the inking device people use to mark their bingo cards when they play live. They’re kind of fun in a way, part of the ritual of live bingo, but daubers are also an environmental nightmare and a potential health hazard. Stained fingers are a given at the bingo hall – but not at Café Casino, where your numbers are marked automatically and error-free.

Game Variety

There are so many different ways to play Bingo around the world, but you can’t play them all at your local bingo hall. In addition to the new Bingo Cataratas and Go-Go Bingo games, you can play the classic American and European versions of bingo at Cafe Casino, and you can use bigger or smaller bingo cards while you do it.

More Bingos per Minute

Because everything is handled automatically, you’ll be able to play a lot more bingo cards in a session at Café Casino than you would at the bingo hall. Or you can take your sweet time – it’s all up to you. Start and stop as you see fit, and play anytime day or night. Bingo is available 24/7; just look under the Specialty Games menu for more.