Claim Your Jackpots in Bitcoin at Cafe Casino

There’s nothing quite like the allure of a progressive jackpot in a video slot. Watching the value tick up and up while you spin the reels can be just what we’re looking for in an online casino session. In a way, it must be similar to the delight that Bitcoin investors feel when they look at their cryptocurrency holdings, as the value of Bitcoin has gone up and up in the last few months. 

At any point, you can join the online Bitcoin movement here at Cafe Casino. When you withdraw and deposit with Bitcoin, you have the opportunity to collect and hold the funds should you wish to play the market. Otherwise, you can simply convert it to USD right upon withdrawal, and that will protect you from any market volatility. In this article, we’ll go over the rise of Bitcoin from its initial launch in 2009 and also cover practical steps to transitioning to Bitcoin, such as explaining how to deposit and withdraw with it at Cafe Casino. We’ll wrap up with five slot suggestions that have big progressive jackpots attached, as there’s no better way to withdraw a jackpot than with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin's Rise

Before Bitcoin was created, an environment of uncertainty and distrust permeated the United States from the 2007-08 financial crisis. People began to think about alternative options for day-to-day finance, including the role of currency. That’s when Satoshi Nakamoto (likely a pen name) created the very first cryptocurrency that was independent from government control and did not involve banks in any way. Instead, the cryptocurrency relied on a peer-to-peer network with volunteer miners that logged transactions on a central database known as the blockchain. 

On January 3, 2009, the very first Bitcoin transaction was logged as Block Number 0 (the Genesis Block of Bitcoin), and now 12 years later, there are close to 10,000,000 Bitcoin transactions logged on the blockchain every month. The widespread adoption of Bitcoin goes to show that people value a decentralized digital currency in this day and age.

How to Deposit with Bitcoin and Withdraw Your Winnings!

Bitcoin isn’t new here at Cafe Casino. We’ve been accepting it as a deposit and withdrawal method for many years and truly believe that it leads to the best online casino experience possible. When you use Bitcoin, you’re no longer at the whims of credit card issuers, who block transactions, which result in failed deposits and delays. Rest easy in knowing that a Bitcoin deposit is 100% guaranteed to go through when you follow the outlined steps. 

Before you can deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin, you’ll need to have a digital wallet set up and be registered with a regulated exchange platform; this is step 1 of learning how to use Bitcoin. Both requirements can be fulfilled simultaneously by downloading a single app that offers both wallet and exchange services, such as Coinbase and Blockchain. For enhanced security, we always recommend downloading the app onto your smartphone instead of using the web-based wallets that simply have you sign in to your wallet from any computer.

With your wallet in place, you can begin to make deposits and withdrawals with your Cafe Casino account. A deposit requires you to select the appropriate cryptocurrency when choosing your deposit method. Keep in mind, Bitcoin is one type of currency and Bitcoin Cash is another; they’re not interchangeable. To move Bitcoin between your wallet and Cafe account, you always need the address code for where you want to send the funds. For example, if you’re withdrawing via Bitcoin from your Cafe account, you’ll need the address code for your digital wallet, which can be accessed by clicking the “Receive/Request” button in your digital wallet. Likewise, the address code for your Cafe account is generated automatically every time you follow the “Deposit” steps in your Cafe account and select a cryptocurrency.

Right now, we’re incentivizing people to give Bitcoin a try, and that means lots and lots of Bitcoin bonuses. Keep an eye on the bonus options from the Bonus drop-down menu every time you make a Bitcoin deposit because the extra funds go a long way to building a long-lasting bankroll. 

Biggest Jackpots Available for Big Bitcoin Withdrawals

With the immense slot game selection at your fingertips, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Why not go with the games that offer the biggest payout possible, i.e. the progressive jackpot slots? Here are four slot games in particular that include a progressive jackpot as a potential reward. If you luck out and trigger one, remember that Bitcoin offers the speediest withdrawal process for large balances, including jackpots.

777 Deluxe

Five reels of fun await in 777 Deluxe. This game is inspired by the classic fruit machines of the 20th century and feature iconic symbols such as the BAR, Lucky Seven, Bell, Cherries, Lemon and more. In a nice twist, the game symbols are displayed as holograms instead of the traditional 2D icons, and due to its digital form, you won’t have to rely on mechanics to spin the reels.

One icon that is not a holdover from the original slot machines is the “Mystery” icon, which takes the form of a Question Mark. When there are just one or two on the reels, they have no beneficial role; they simply take the form of a random game icon. However, when at least three appear, they trigger the game’s bonus round, which is a prerequisite for winning the progressive jackpot.

Three reels that comprise only Sevens make up the bonus round. You’ll spin the reels several times and collect payouts based on the color-combinations you land with each spin. Cross your fingers that you get three Gold Sevens; this is the ticket to the progressive jackpot advertised at the top of the screen. 

Gold Rush Gus

Anyone who craves a slot session akin to a video game should add Gold Rush Gus to their “must spin” list. This game is engaging and interactive right from the start. Every time you hit the “Spin” button, the main character, Gus, swings his pick ax into the ground to break open the earth and reveal the five reels with mining-inspired game symbols.

Free spins with a multiplier can be triggered in the base game, and when they are, Gus’ mining pal comes to do the dirty work, which helps expediate the free spins session. Another character in the storyline, the Mole, can dig its way to the surface and toss up a treasure chest when certain game symbols appear. Four possible prizes include instant cash wins, a ticket to the bonus game, gems that contribute to your mini jackpot meters, and finally, the most significant prize of them all: the progressive jackpot. 

Shopping Spree

When it comes to beefy progressive jackpots, Shopping Spree almost always tops the chart. This simple 5-reel slot takes you on the shopping adventure of a lifetime. Cosmetics, jewelry, designer perfume, purses and shoes spin through the reels as you aim to land matches (minimum of two for some icons, and three for others) on any of the game’s nine paylines. Keep your eyes peeled for the Money symbols; landing three triggers an instant cash prize (up to 4000 coins) to help fund your own shopping expedition. Another intriguing bonus feature is the Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Round, which has you pick and choose Question Marks that reveal products with a unique monetary prize.

Of course, the reason most people gravitate to Shopping Spree is for the progressive jackpot. Land five Diamond Rings on any payline while betting max, and you get to choose between a shopping spree in New York City, or the prize in cash form. Which one would you pick?


Amazonia Bingo

Progressive jackpots aren’t just for slots. Several of our bingo games feature these enticing bonus features, including Amazonia Bingo. Settle down in the Amazonian rainforest with your bingo cards spread out in front of you and hope that you get enough hits to earn a payout. If you are just one number away from a win, you can always purchase extra balls (up to 10) to see if you can snag that last number in a last-ditch effort to get paid. In order to be eligible for the game’s progressive jackpot, you’ll need to activate all four cards at a minimum cost of $1 per card. The progressive jackpot is paid by landing ‘bingo’ within the first 30 balls.  

Bitcoin can be used with any and all of our casino games—not just these four. Check out our Bitcoin section in the Help Center for a more in-depth look at how to get started, and start unlocking the full potential of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.