Are you ready to upgrade your online casino experience? When it comes to deposits, withdrawals and bonus cash, nothing beats Bitcoin at Cafe Casino. This cryptocurrency solves many of the pain points that come from traditional “fiat” currencies. By switching to Bitcoin at Cafe Casino, you’ll immediately experience smoother deposits, faster withdrawals, and lots of bonus cash. We’ll go over how to transition to Bitcoin, so that you can join this growing movement and deposit and play now in our Bitcoin-friendly casino.

How Bitcoin Deposits Work

Learning how to deposit with Bitcoin is as simple as downloading an app. To make your first Bitcoin deposit at Cafe Casino, you’ll need to install a digital wallet onto your smartphone. This wallet will “hold” your Bitcoin and also facilitates transactions thanks to a unique address code. In addition to the wallet, you need to have access to an online crypto exchange; this is the platform that connects buyers and sellers, making it easy to convert one currency to another.

While there are many options for exchanges and wallets available, the most convenient ones combine both services in a single app. Blockchain and Coinbase are examples of popular apps that include both a wallet and exchange service free of charge. 

Once you’re up and running with the necessary software, and you’ve gone ahead and made your first Bitcoin purchase, you’re ready to deposit Bitcoin into your Cafe Casino account to bet online or perhaps play some table games or slots with Bitcoin. Follow the same steps that you would under normal circumstances (i.e. log in and tap “Deposit”); however, you must select “Bitcoin” as your deposit method. Note: we also accept Bitcoin Cash for deposits. By clicking Bitcoin, an address code for your Cafe account will appear for you to copy and paste into your wallet as you follow the prompts to send Bitcoin. Before you finalize the transaction, be sure to check out all eligible Bitcoin bonuses.

Use Bitcoin Bonuses and Bet on the Casino

We have an extensive suite of Bitcoin bonuses and promotions aimed to keep you humming with extra cash, starting with our generous Bitcoin Welcome Bonus options. Even if you’ve claimed our standard welcome bonus already, you’re still eligible for our Bitcoin Welcome Bonus, which is for anyone and everyone making a Bitcoin deposit for the first time. 

There are actually two Bitcoin Welcome Bonus options for first-time Bitcoin depositors to choose between. The first one is a Super Play 600% match bonus for up to $6,000, and the second one is a No Max 150% match bonus for up to $1,500. The former gets you bigger bucks up front, but has a 10X max for the amount of winnings you can cash out. The latter is a smaller bonus up front, but has no restrictions on the cashout whatsoever—claim everything you win! Both options come with 35X playthrough requirements to fulfill before withdrawing the cash. 

If you have friends who you think would be interested in playing in a Bitcoin casino, referring them to Cafe Casino sets them up with a big welcome bonus and sets you up with a referral bonus. The standard referral bonus is $100 for each friend, but an extra $25 is added when your friend deposits with Bitcoin. These are just a couple of ways that Bitcoin can help pad your bankroll; for the full list of current promotions, see our Promotions page