Everyone needs a great break from work now and then. The morning grind always goes better with a relaxing cup of joe and play a quick session of table games at Cafe Casino. Putting in a few hands of Blackjack or a few spins of the Roulette wheel helps you recalibrate and get your mind back on track for the rest of your workday; but, how should you go about this the right way?

Naturally, anytime you take a break to play casino card games for real money, or even just for fun, you should consider the best games you want to play. Our great new table games guide here at Cafe will introduce you to eight candidates that are ideal for short sessions, broken down into three criteria: odds, jackpots, and stakes.


Best Table Game Odds

If you’re looking for a new and best way to stretch your entertainment dollar, table games are typically a better bargain than casino slots when it comes to the house odds. You’ll find the lowest edges at Cafe Casino’s Blackjack and Baccarat tables. Choose the best card game you find more relaxing to play; with Blackjack, you’ll also be using your noodle, while all of your decisions are made for you in Baccarat.



You’ll get the best bang for your buck when you play online Blackjack at Cafe Casino. The house edge for Blackjack depends on which variant you’re playing; standard six-deck Blackjack has an edge of 0.64%, while Single Deck Blackjack can get as low as 0.17% but you need to know the basic Blackjack strategy for the variant you’re playing to reach those targets. The odds behind the game and therefore your strategy will change slightly depending on the specific rules, like whether the dealer has to hit or stand on 17. Learning a simplified strategy that you can use across all the Blackjack tables will get you most of the way there – and make your breaks a bit more relaxing.


No need to worry about strategy when you play Baccarat at Cafe Casino, except for one thing: which bet to make. This isn’t the same Baccarat game James Bond used to beat the bad guys in the original Casino Royale novel – this is the punto banco version, where the choice whether or not to draw a third card is made automatically. You can bet on either the Player or the Banker to have the winning hand, or you can bet on the Tie. With six decks in the shoe at Cafe, the house edges are 1.06% for the Banker, 1.24% for the Player, and 4.93% for the Tie, which pays out at 9/1 instead of the usual 8/1 at brick-and-mortar casinos.


Best Table Game Jackpots

Depending on what kind of job you have, you might find your mind wandering from time to time, as you dream about winning the lottery and buying a great new lifestyle having the best time. If this is you, why not take a shot and play a massive jackpot while you’re on break? The following three table games give you a chance to win big money while you’re playing – it has to happen to somebody, and that somebody could be you.


Caribbean Stud Poker

This take on 5-Card Stud is very easy to play, and the house edge is still fairly low at around 5.22% if you use the optimal strategy – which is mostly just folding anything worse than Ace-King high, and raising anything better. But it’s the progressive jackpot that matters here. Opt-in for $1 by clicking or tapping the red button at the left of your display; if you’re dealt a Royal Flush, you’ll win the entire amount, or you can collect a percentage of the jackpot by making at least a regular Flush.

Caribbean Hold’em

The progressive jackpot for Caribbean Hold’em is shared with Caribbean Stud Poker, so any hand played in one game adds to the jackpot for the other. The opt-in process is the same, as are the jackpot rewards for making a Flush or better. The game itself is slightly different to play, based on Texas Hold’em instead of 5-Card Stud, but it’s still easy to play and the house edge is even lower at 3.09% if you use the right strategy.

Let ‘Em Ride

Because you asked for it, Let ‘Em Ride now has its own progressive jackpot. This time, if you’re dealt a Royal Flush (including both of your community cards), you win the full amount of the jackpot – which then resets and starts building again, as it does for the other progressives. The house edge is around 3.5% for the optimal strategy, which is pretty easy to learn. The more accurate you get with your decisions, the more hands you’ll be able to play, giving you more chances of hitting the big one.


Best Table Games for High-Rollers

Finally, let’s say you’ve already got that big wad of cash and you’re just looking for a little action while you wait to close that next great deal. If you’re a high-roller, crank up the stakes at the following three table games and see if Lady Luck shines on you.



This is where high-rollers got their name. When you play craps at Cafe Casino, you’ll have access to the full layout of craps bets, and you can bet up to $1,000 on every roll. Payouts range from even money for the standard Pass Line/Don’t Pass bets, to the big 30/1 prize for rolling Snake Eyes or Boxcars. Craps comes in both the Classic version and the new streamlined version; if you like the sound and feel of what you’ll find when you’re rolling at a live casino, go for the Classic option.


This is a fantastic game if you want some ASMR to go with your coffee. There’s nothing like hearing the spin of the Roulette wheel when you’re at the casino, and the colorful layout is easy on the eyes, too. Best of all, you don’t need any strategy when you’re playing Roulette – don’t fall for those “progressive betting systems” that tell you otherwise. Choose between American Roulette, which features the green double-zero (“00”) on the wheel, and European Roulette, where you can make the special “call” bets like Tiers du Cylindre when you play the Classic version.

Tri Card Poker

If you’re more interested in playing cards but you want something quick and easy, consider Tri Card Poker. You and the dealer get three cards each; if you think you have the best three-card poker hand to play, raise and double your bet, otherwise fold your card. It’s that simple – and the strategy is even easier: Raise if you have Queen-Six-Four or higher. Want some side action with that? The Pair Plus bet will give you an extra prize if you make at least a Pair, up to 40/1 for a Straight Flush of three consecutive suited card.

All of the table games we’ve mentioned here can be played for free at Cafe Casino using the Practice Play mode, so give them a try to see which ones work best for you during your breaks. Then switch to Real Money mode, choose the best games and stakes that suit you and let the good times roll. We’ll see you on the felt.