A Guide to Bitcoin Cash

What is Bitcoin Cash

It all started when Bitcoin traffic increased due to the new popularity of the cryptocurrency. The increase in traffic caused some difficulties that different Bitcoin developers were trying to solve.

What emerged were two different solutions that split Bitcoin developers into two groups. Each group proposed a different technical solution to the problem, and neither group could come to an agreement that would keep the Bitcoin community united.

Eventually, one group decided to break off from the original Bitcoin blockchain. On August 1st, 2017, they created a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain and called it Bitcoin Cash. From then on, the original blockchain was split into two different transaction streams that followed different technical rules.

This means that any transactions that were made before August 1st, 2017 exist on both blockchains, and any that occurred after are unique to that currency type. This means that if you were a Bitcoin owner on August 1st, 2017, you now are also the owner of Bitcoin Cash.

How can I claim my Bitcoin Cash?

If you were a Bitcoin owner when the fork happened, you might have FREE Bitcoin Cash waiting for you to claim. Follow the steps to extract your BCH according to your Bitcoin Wallet:

How do I deposit using Bitcoin Cash

It's Easy!

You can deposit by copy & pasting our address into your wallet and clicking "send", or by scanning our QR code.

Make a Deposit with Bitcoin Cash