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Upgrade to a premium Bitcoin-Exclusive Memebership

Get all the extras with Premium Bitcoin Exclusive membership

There's a new account option for those who like to have all the Perks: Premium Bitcoin Exclusive membership. As a Bitcoin-Exclusive member, you can continue to enjoy a number of deposit and withdrawal method options*. At the same time, this free upgrade scores greater rewards and bonuses at the Cafe.

* Players may deposit/withdrawal using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, vouchers and player transfers. Players who have selected mBTC as their preferred currency are not eligible for the Bitcoin Exclusive Program.

What are the Bitcoin Exclusive account advantages?

For going Bitcoin Exclusive, you'll get a package of premium benefits not available to classic account members. Benefits include extra Perk Points and more!

Why are we offering Bitcoin Exclusive membership?

Simply put, Bitcoin remains the most reliable deposit method for online gaming. Locking in means that you'll be exclusively using our most reliable deposit and withdrawal option, while enjoying a familiar play experience in USD.

Not familiar with Bitcoin?

We're here to help with that as well. Visit our help page for more information on Bitcoin, including how to get started.

Already exclusively depositing with Bitcoin?

No problem! Upgrade your account by signing up below.