The best way to play table games online is with Bitcoin, and the best way to secure Bitcoin is with a digital wallet. In this Cafe Casino Bitcoin guide, we explain how to transition to Bitcoin by isolating the first step of the process: the digital wallet (also known as a personal wallet). With a wallet up and running, you’re free to start collecting Bitcoin.


Setting Up a Bitcoin Wallet for Table Games

The Bitcoin wallet is what facilitates your Bitcoin transactions; without one, you can’t send or receive Bitcoin, so it makes sense to start your Bitcoin journey here. A quick search through the app store on your phone will turn up lots of results, and as you’ll learn in the next section, some are better than others.

After installing the wallet onto your phone, you need to fill in some basic information, including your email address, which will be verified. You’ll also have to create a unique password for accessing your wallet; keep it secure, as there’s often no option to reset it. When you open your wallet, your portfolio balance will appear on the dashboard.


What is the Best Bitcoin Online Wallet to Use?

Since you need both a wallet and exchange account to deal in Bitcoin, it makes sense to combine both into one program. Coinbase and Blockchain are examples of wallets that also include an exchange, and we think they’re the best bets for a good Bitcoin experience. When the wallet and exchange are separate, you’ll need to copy and paste your wallet’s digital address into your exchange account in order to direct newly-acquired funds there.


Playing Online Tables Games with Bitcoin

All of our table games can be played with Bitcoin just the same as with a regular “fiat” currency, so you don’t need a specific Bitcoin online table games wallet. When you make a Bitcoin deposit, the funds are converted to US dollars and will be reflected as such in your bankroll balance. This is done to protect your balance from potential market fluctuations. When you’re ready to withdraw via Bitcoin, the balance will be converted to the cryptocurrency at the current market price.

While it’s not necessary to withdraw with Bitcoin simply because you deposited with it, it is the fastest way to get paid out of all of our withdrawal methods. Bitcoin is the only way to get paid on the same day that your withdrawal is approved. When you withdraw funds, you need to copy your digital wallet’s address code and paste it into your Cafe account when prompted. Once the transaction is in motion, it takes less than an hour to go through the system and arrive in your digital wallet. Then it’s off to the exchange to convert it to your currency-of-choice.

While this guide focuses on the digital wallet as a critical step to transitioning to Bitcoin, you may be interested in learning more about the topic, such as the perks enjoyed by our Bitcoin players. There are many reasons to hop on the Bitcoin bandwagon, so scroll through the article and find the reason that resonates with you.