Cafe Casino Slots For Stock Market Lovers

When you hear people talk about things like volatility, variance and returns, they could be talking about one of two things: the stock market, or online slots. Just like with stocks, slots have varying volatility levels that balance the ratio of risk vs. reward. People who are comfortable taking on risk to potentially win big usually prefer higher volatility options. Meanwhile, a more conservative investor or gambler will seek out low volatility options, such as mutual funds, or video poker.

Whichever end of the spectrum you’re at, you can be sure to find a casino game that suits your needs here at Cafe Casino. As a bonus, with all of our games, you can deposit and play with Bitcoin for extra investing potential—or simply as a tool to experience fast transactions with loads of bonus cash. If you’re keen to learn how to make money online, bonus codes are a good starting point, and for that, you’ll benefit from Bitcoin. We’ll explain the basics of getting started with Bitcoin before showcasing our top casino games for stock market aficionados.

Deposit and Withdraw with Bitcoin

In order to begin using Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals, you’ll need to set up a digital wallet and sign up for an account at a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. The easiest way to check off both boxes is to download a dual-purpose app that offers both services, such as what you’d find with Coinbase. This beginner-friendly Bitcoin app makes it easy to buy Bitcoin at the exchange and then transfer it to your wallet automatically.

With Bitcoin loaded in your wallet, you can use it for a deposit at Cafe Casino, and we guarantee that it will come through. Simply follow the same steps that you typically would to make a deposit and select “Bitcoin” or “Bitcoin Cash” (be sure to accurately select the type of cryptocurrency you purchased). At this point, a digital address connected to your Cafe account will be provided for you to copy and paste into your digital wallet. Withdrawing via Bitcoin requires you to follow the same steps in reverse, pulling your digital wallet address from your wallet and inputting it into your Cafe account upon request. Our video guides in our Video Library will show you each step of the process.

Casino Games to Play:

Get started with these five casino game suggestions. All of them are available for real money payouts and can be played with a Bitcoin bankroll.

5 Times Vegas

One of our newest additions, 5 Times Vegas recreates the traditional slot machine experience by putting the classic 3-reel slot, with all of its iconic game symbols, right over the Vegas night sky. Neon-lit Cherries, Sevens, BARs and more spin through the night sky, offering payouts for landing three matches along any of the game’s three horizontal paylines.

As a bonus, three symbols (X2, X3, X5) act as wilds and regular icons in order to help maximize wins. When used as a wild, they multiply payouts by their displayed denominator (X2, X3, or X5), but they also pay out when they fill an entire payline on their own. The biggest payout on the table comes from landing three X5 icons for 1000X your stake per line.

777 Deluxe

In 777 Deluxe, another classic slot game, you get a chance to trigger a progressive jackpot. This game has the same symbols as 5 Times Vegas, but it has five reels that spin over a black celestial background. In order to get a chance to trigger the game’s progressive jackpot, you must land three Question Mark icons to initiate the bonus round.

In the bonus, three special reels appear that contain Seven icons of various colors. Each spin triggers payouts based on the color combination landed, with the best combination, three Gold Sevens, triggering the progressive jackpot. Just think of the investments you could make with that lump sum of money.

Shopping Spree

Or perhaps you prefer to use jackpot money to fund a wild shopping spree in New York City; that’s the concept behind the vintage 5-reel, 9-line slot, Shopping Spree. To get you excited, designer products and merchandise icons fill the reels, and often, landing as few as two matches is good enough to earn a payout.

One mysterious item spinning around the reels is the purple Mystery Grab Bag. This scatter bonus activates when you land three or more anywhere on the reels. You’ll go to a second screen with a 4X4 grid full of sparkling question marks. Click and collect the value hidden behind the question marks until you hit a red X and return to the base game.

Returning to the base game isn’t all bad news. That’s where you can access the game’s progressive jackpot by landing a payline full of Diamond Rings on maximum bet. Then the fun really begins.


If you’re in the market for something more strategic than what’s possible when you play online slots for real money, head over to the Blackjack page. Several variants of 21 are available, including Single, Double, and (standard) Six-Deck Blackjack. Pull up a Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart alongside you as you play to maximize returns on your bets. Just be sure to use the correct chart for the version that you’re playing.

Keno Draw

In the Specialty Games section of our casino, a special version of Keno attracts a lot of action. Keno Draw sets you up with a card that has numbers 1-80, and asks you to pick up to 15 numbers (or simply use the Quick Pick option for more expedient processing). When you’re ready, hit the ‘GO!’ button and watch the 20 winning numbers get drawn. If you land a certain number of hits based on the paytable, you get paid. The maximum payout possible in Keno Draw is $250,000.