Bitcoin is making waves in the online casino realm. It’s the key to unlocking massive bonuses that will boost your bankroll and increase your odds of success. If you’ve ever thought that just a slightly longer casino session could have made a difference, capitalizing on bonus money with Bitcoin can help you find out what that next spin, or hand, would have offered

This Cafe Casino online Bitcoin guide is here to help you get your hands on some bonus cash by transitioning to cryptocurrency, starting with the very first step: how to set up a Bitcoin wallet. We’ll also explain how exchanges work and go over the fees for using them. Bitcoin is a trend that’s here to stay, so don’t put off learning how you can benefit from adopting the cryptocurrency.


Setting Up a Bitcoin Wallet

Since Bitcoin is purely digital, you need to have a digital wallet in place before you can start conducting mBTC transactions. The simplest way to get one is through the app store on your smartphone. Whether you have iOS or Android, there are plenty of reputable wallets available free of charge. Once downloaded, you can set up the wallet by providing a verifiable email address and making a secure password. If you’re not sure which digital wallet option to go with, check Blockchain and Coinbase; both of these wallets double as exchanges.


Buying Bitcoin from Exchanges

With a wallet downloaded, you’re free to start buying crypto at Bitcoin exchanges. This is where you go to convert a “fiat” currency, like USD or CAD, to Bitcoin and vice versa. Setting up an account with an exchange will involve an ID check, so have your driver’s license ready.

Once your exchange account is created, the process of buying Bitcoin is intuitive as the dashboard will have a “Buy” button. You can load some money into the exchange through an external source, or have money already available in your digital wallet to use in the exchange. Once you buy Bitcoin, we recommend forwarding the funds to your digital wallet for safekeeping.


Are there any Bitcoin Fees?

While we personally never charge any fees for using Bitcoin, you will encounter fees when a transaction gets encrypted onto the blockchain by the miner and at an exchange when you convert currencies. Most of the time, Bitcoin fees for the miner are marginal (lower than a US dollar), but if the network gets clogged, the fees can be higher. If getting the lowest possible fee for your transaction is a priority, Bitcoin Cash, a fork of Bitcoin created to optimize day-to-day purchases, will be your best bet, and it’s still eligible for all of the same promotions as Bitcoin.


Playing Online Slots with Bitcoin

As soon as Bitcoin is purchased from an exchange and loaded into your wallet, you can make your first Bitcoin deposit at Cafe Casino. The first one is worth celebrating; you’ll be eligible for our Bitcoin Welcome Bonuses, which provide you with an option between two match bonuses. Choose between a 600% match bonus for up to $6,000 in bonus cash, or a 150% match bonus worth up to $1,500. The major difference between these options is the amount of winnings you can withdraw. The 600% bonus has a cap (10X) on how much you can withdraw based on the deposit amount. The 150% bonus, on the other hand, has no cap, so you get to keep everything you win.

Once you’ve determined which bonus you want, you can proceed with the deposit. Follow the same steps that you normally would to make a deposit, and when the deposit options appear, select the type of Bitcoin you have in your wallet (Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash). An address code will generate; you want to copy the address code. Then open up your digital wallet and follow the prompts to send funds. When you’re asked for the recipient’s address, paste in the code you got from your Cafe account. After you do this a few times, it will become intuitive, and you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t switch over earlier.