Bitcoin is the coin of the future! – digital coin, of course. 

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency (known as digital gold) has been on an upwards trajectory since it was released in 2009.  Developments in the latter half of 2021 saw Bitcoin hit all-time highs, such as becoming legal tender in El Salvador and being the first Bitcoin ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) in the United States. Like with any new, exciting thing, there have been some ups and downs along the way, but over the long-term, the arrow is most definitely pointing up!

You may have seen some of the Bitcoin promotions here at Cafe Casino. These promotions make Bitcoin one of the smarter choices for your deposits and withdrawals – but does all that extra bonus money justify diving in? Our latest guide will give you an accurate picture by discussing the pros and cons of Bitcoin gaming and other online games you can play for real money.

Pros of Bitcoin Casino Betting

To clear up any confusion, when we talk about using Bitcoin to play at Cafe Casino, we’re not talking about using cryptocurrency to place your bets – nor do you win your prizes in crypto. 

Every time you use Bitcoin (or any of our other accepted cryptocurrencies) at Cafe, we automatically convert your deposit into US dollars, which you’ll use to play the games like real money online slots. When you’re ready to withdraw using cryptocurrency, we’ll convert your chosen amount back into Bitcoin. That way, you don’t have to worry about those price fluctuations while you’re playing.

With that in mind, here’s what you can look forward to when you use Bitcoin to play at Cafe Casino.

✓ Bitcoin Bonuses are Bigger

The best part of using Bitcoin instead of other deposit methods is the huge amount of extra bonus cash thrown your way! For example, our standard Welcome Bonus offer will match your initial deposit using traditional methods by 250%, for up to $1,500 in bonus cash. Make it a Bitcoin deposit instead, and that Welcome Bonus climbs to 350%, for up to $2,500. Now that’s a lot of cheddar.

There are more supersized Bitcoin bonuses available for our regular players, too. Our $100 Referral Bonus climbs to $125 when your friends use Bitcoin to make their first deposits; the only limit to how many times you can claim this bonus is how many friends you have! Keep an eye out as well for other special bonuses you can earn with Bitcoin just by playing at Cafe Casino.

✓ Depositing is Safe and Easy

The risk of a failed deposit is virtually nonexistent in the Bitcoin world. While credit card companies use their discretion to block transactions (and they’re doing so a lot more often than they used to!), Bitcoin does not have any government institutions or centralized banks setting the terms. You can use your cryptocurrency however you want when you’re on the anonymous blockchain; it’s totally private. At the same time, each transaction is securely logged and verified, making it much safer than when you use cash or credit cards.

✓ Payouts are Faster

On top of safer and easier deposits, Bitcoin also makes the withdrawal process a whole lot faster. Because Bitcoin is purely digital and does not have to be verified by a bank, receiving your online slots or table games Bitcoin payout can happen in just hours (depending on the cryptocurrency) once the withdrawal has been approved. That’s a fraction of the time it takes to receive a check (4-7 business days) or bank wire (5-10 business days)!

✓ Limits Are Higher, Fees Are Lower

It’s usually a bit of a chore to move larger amounts of money from place to place. When you use credit card to put funds into your Cafe Casino login account, the most you can deposit is $1,000. This goes up dramatically to $5,000 when you deposit using Bitcoin. For withdrawals, there is no maximum amount when you use Bitcoin; you’ll receive your funds in $2,500 increments until you’re fully paid. Other players are limited to $2,500 max when they use a couriered check instead.

While the transaction limits go up when you use Bitcoin, the fees go down. In almost all cases, we don’t charge any additional deposit fees here at Cafe, but your credit card company might – and those fees can get pretty hefty. You might also have to pay fees charged by your cryptocurrency exchange when you use Bitcoin, but those fees are negligible compared to what you might face using other methods.

Cons of Bitcoin Betting

It’s important to keep in mind the potential cons of using cryptocurrency at an online Bitcoin casino, too. 

The biggest one is, when you’re already accustomed to our standard deposit methods, the most challenging obstacle is figuring out how to set everything up. You need a digital wallet and an exchange account before you can make your first transaction; these tools are central to your entire Bitcoin experience, so patience will be needed as you learn the ropes. 

It can seem daunting when it’s your first crack at using cryptocurrency, but everything’s pretty easy to learn! To help, we’ve created a Bitcoin FAQ video section that walks you through each step. And don’t forget, you’ll be getting those pumped-up Bitcoin bonuses to help make that learning curve a worthwhile investment.

The other downside with using Bitcoin is the way so many other people are treating it as a speculative investment rather than a currency. This is one of the big reasons the price of Bitcoin keeps going up and down (mostly up) relative to the US dollar. But again, you don’t have to worry about those price fluctuations when you’re playing – as long as you don’t keep your funds at the cryptocurrency exchange. No need to let them sit there at a third-party exchange, even if you’re waiting for the price to go up.

Play Casino Games with Bitcoin now

If you haven’t already, get your digital wallet and crypto exchange accounts set up, make your first deposit at Cafe Casino using Bitcoin, and claim all those tasty bonuses we have for you on the menu. You can also learn more about Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency by browsing our archive of useful articles, and consulting our FAQ and Help guides. Go big – go Bitcoin.