You may be aware of the ongoing promotions that make Bitcoin the most lucrative choice for deposits at Cafe Casino. Pretty much all online casino table games and Bitcoin promotions offer extra cash to Bitcoin players. But does that justify diving in? In this Bitcoin guide, we’ll give you an accurate picture by discussing the pros and cons of using Bitcoin.


How to Play in the Casino with Bitcoin

The first step to playing slots or table games with bitcoin odds is to get your hands on some of the digital currency. First, you’ll need a digital wallet to “store” your currency. There are plenty of apps available that serve this function. With your wallet set up, you can create an account on an exchange, which is a platform that facilitates conversions from regular currencies to cryptocurrencies. Whether your end goal is to play slots or table games, Bitcoin fees in the exchange are exceedingly low. Finally, send your newly-acquired Bitcoin to your wallet until you’re ready to deposit some into your Cafe Casino account.


The Pros of Bitcoin Betting

The best part of betting with Bitcoin is the immense amount of bonus cash thrown your way. There’s the welcome bonus that starts the Bitcoin initiation process with either a 600% Super Play Bonus, or a 150% No Max Bonus. The benefits go on from there, with “Bitcoin” versions of our regular promotions offering the best value possible.

Beyond the obvious benefits of free cash to play slots and table games, Bitcoin accelerates the withdrawal process. Because Bitcoin is purely digital and does not have to be verified by a bank, receiving a slots or table games Bitcoin payout can happen in just 15 or 20 minutes—once the withdrawal is approved. That’s a fraction of the time that it takes to receive a check (4-7 business days) or bank wire (5-10 business days).

Risk of a failed deposit is nonexistent in the Bitcoin world. While credit card companies use their discretion to block transactions, Bitcoin does not have a financial institution setting terms. Use your money however you want on the anonymous blockchain.


The Cons of Bitcoin Betting

When you’re accustomed to our standard deposit methods, getting set up with Bitcoin may seem daunting at first blush. You need a digital wallet and an exchange account before you can make your first transaction. These steps are the infrastructure for your entire Bitcoin experience, so patience will be needed as you learn the ropes.

To eliminate the guess work, we’ve created a Bitcoin section in our Video Library that breaks down every step of the way with a visual walkthrough. Once you get to the point where you’re making that first deposit, the bonus cash will make the learning curve a worthwhile investment.