Our mobile casino is making it possible for people to play their favorite casino games anywhere there’s an internet connection. Think of all the opportunities that a mobile casino presents—whenever you find yourself with some time to kill, you can simply whip out your cellphone and play a few rounds of your newest craze. Just imagine landing a jackpot while waiting in line at the supermarket—that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Making the jump from desktop to mobile casino games is easy, and this guide aims to explain why. We’ll outline the many benefits that go along with mobile games to play, as well as explain how to access our mobile casino, which doesn’t require any downloads at all to play. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions that you may be wondering about, including providing some bitcoin help for making deposits. We’re confident that like many other players, once you make the transition to mobile, you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


Benefits of Playing Mobile Casino Games on the Go

By sticking with a computer for online casino gaming, there will be missed opportunities for impromptu play. Certain games, like scratch cards for instance, are really designed for quick consumption while on the go. Slots are also quite convenient in short bursts, like waiting for a flight or an appointment and you have the added bonus of being able to land a progressive jackpot. While learning a complicated table game may not be one of the best options for mobile, anything that’s quick and easy is a strong candidate for using a phone instead of a computer.


How to Play Games on your Mobile

As mentioned, there are no downloads required for our mobile casino games. Instead, we have a simple web app that operates just like our regular casino games but scales down in order to function optimally for small screens. That makes it simpler for going from a smartphone to a tablet since you won’t need to install Apps on each device.

To play in our mobile casino, simply launch your smartphone’s web browser and type cafecasino.lv into the search engine as you normally would on a computer. Our site will automatically detect a mobile device and switch over to its mobile-friendly version.

Once you’re in, you may need a few minutes to orient yourself with the new set-up. A “hamburger” icon (three stacked horizontal lines) can be found in the upper corner for quick access to the slots page, the table games page, promotions and more.

When you launch a game on mobile, the site will wait for you to tilt your phone to landscape mode before activating the game. Your entire screen will be dedicated to the game, so tilting your phone horizontally is necessary. If you have an iPhone, make sure it’s not in “Portrait Orientation Lock,” as this will prevent the screen from flipping to landscape.

Since your phone’s entire screen becomes the game screen, the games menu are hidden in a hamburger icon, or accessible by swiping left or right. Play around and you’ll quickly get familiarized with how to access all of the options you’re used to having. To exit, there’s a Return to Lobby button in the game menu.


Casino Games Available on Mobile

While all of our games are available on mobile, certain games are best suited for small screens. Take our suite of classic table games for example. When you play table games on mobile, including Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Let ‘Em Ride and Tri Card Poker, you have the option of choosing between two versions: an older “Classic” version and a new one. The new versions were designed with mobile in mind, so they scale down to small sizes in a way that minimizes any impact to ease of navigation.

Let’s take Roulette for example. The “Classic” version of Roulette (both American and European) feels like a casino setting. On the single-screen, you’ll see both the roulette wheel and the betting layout; they’re both on a virtual roulette table, which also has your casino chips for betting. When these games scale down to a mobile size, grabbing the chips and navigating the layout can be tricky.

That’s why we added new mobile-optimized versions, which are distinguishable by their blue backgrounds. The new versions split the action into two different screens, with the first screen holding just the betting layout and chips and the second holding just the wheel. Having two screens instead of one makes it much easier to scale things down for handheld devices.


Mobile Casino FAQ

Q: What happens if I lose my internet connection while playing one of the games?
A: The game will pause and need to be reloaded when you get your connection back. Any payouts triggered before the connection is cut will be added to your bankroll automatically.

Q: What kind of smartphones work to play Cafe’s mobile casino?
A: Both Android and iOS work with our mobile casino.

Q: Do I need one of the newest operating system to be able to access the mobile casino?
A: You don’t need the newest operating system to play in our mobile casino. If your phone can handle video on its web browser, it can load mobile casino games.

Q: Will a text message interrupt my play?
A: The game continues uninterrupted when the phone receives a text message.

Q: Is a WiFi connection necessary to play in the mobile casino?
A: A WiFi connection is not necessary to play in the mobile casino. You can access games with your phone’s data plan.


Bitcoin Deposit/Withdraw Options for Mobile

The same withdraw and deposit options available to play on the desktop are also available when you log into your Cafe account through mobile. For depositing funds, you can use one of our best options bitcoin and a credit card, and for requesting a withdrawal, the options include bitcoin, check by courier, credit card and bank wire. To access these options, first, log in to your account and then find the profile icon at the top-right of the screen. You’ll see two buttons, one for Withdraws and one for Deposits. Pick the one you want and continue through the process as you normally would on your computer.

Using bitcoin to fund your bankroll will require additional steps, which can be done via mobile. First, you’ll want to make sure that your digital wallet is downloaded on your smartphone, so you can easily go back and forth between the wallet and your Cafe Casino account. Funding your account with bitcoin will require you to copy the cryptocurrency address from your Cafe account (this will appear when you select “Bitcoin” as a deposit method) and paste it into your wallet when you go to send funds. Once you send the bitcoin, the transfer will be completed in just a few minutes.

Are you ready to take the plunge into mobile casino gaming? Pull out your smartphone and head over to Cafe Casino for a first taste. We’re confident that you’ll be quite impressed with the experience and will start to look forward to mobile play over the computer.