Bitcoin is providing table game players with an added edge at Cafe Casino. Thanks to the top-tier bonus cash offered to Bitcoin players, longer casino sessions are possible without any additional investment. What would you do with an extra 50 rounds of Blackjack free of charge? We’ll explain how Bitcoin table games work, so that you can capitalize on this growing trend and get your hands on some of that bonus cash.


How Bitcoin Table Games Work

If you’ve consulted with our Bitcoin guide on the basics (including how to deposit Bitcoin), you’ll already know that our game selection, and the mechanics of each game, do not change when you transition to Bitcoin. Consider what is Bitcoin—it’s a type of currency that can be used for deposits and withdrawals, just like US dollars, but without the government’s interference. Simply deposit with Bitcoin, and you’ll get the same experience that you’re used to with other currencies, albeit with greater perks.


Bitcoin Table Games Tips

When you combine table game strategy with Bitcoin bonus cash, you get a good chance at pocketing a big score thanks to prolonged gaming sessions. A bit of upfront research on a game goes a long way to setting you up for success, so dig deep within our treasure trove of strategy pieces for ones that are relevant to your game-of-choice. You can also take into consideration the following Bitcoin table game tips:

Blackjack, for instance, has strategy charts that dictate the optimal move for every potential hand/Dealer up-card combination, including the dreaded pair of Eights. Make sure that the chart you’re using reflects the rules of the game you intend to play (i.e. proper number of decks in the shoe and Dealer 17 rule).

If you prefer dice over cards, Craps has a lethal two-punch combo bet in the Don’t Pass+Odds bets. You won’t find zero-house edge bets elsewhere. But keep in mind, Craps won’t contribute to a bonus’s playthrough requirement.

While there’s not much strategy in Roulette, there are a couple of key tips that will improve your experience. For one, it’s best to avoid the double-zero wheel (also known as the “American” wheel) when possible. That second green slot doubles the house edge. Secondly, if the double-wheel version is your only option, skip the Basket bet, which comes with a higher-than-normal house edge of 13.16%.

When you play table games, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are your best bet for an enhanced gaming experience. Improve your odds by making your next deposit a Bitcoin deposit.