While we can’t speak for all online casinos, Cafe Casino not only accepts Bitcoin, but rewards players for using it, too. We think the de-centralized nature of Bitcoin is a wonderful thing for the online casino industry. Without a middleman, transactions become smoother and faster, and we’ll explain why that is in this Cafe Casino Bitcoin guide.


How Does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that’s 100% digital. It operates on a peer-to-peer network called “the blockchain”, where miners record all transactions on a permanent public ledger. Anyone can buy Bitcoin from an online exchange and hold it in a digital wallet for future use. When you do want to use it, you simply need the address code for the recipient, and then it can be sent anywhere in the world in just a few clicks.


Do Online Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin solves a lot of pain points for online casinos, making it the preferred way to do business, and that’s certainly the case here. Cafe Casino is a proud bitcoin casino, and we haven’t looked back since. Browse through the Bitcoin casino bonus options on our Bitcoin Bonanza page, and you’ll get an idea of how we reward players for using Bitcoin with the best Bitcoin bonuses in the industry.


How to Deposit to Online Casinos with Bitcoin

The first time you deposit, you’ll need to set up the programs needed to operate with Bitcoin, including a digital wallet and an exchange account. To streamline the process, we recommend downloading a program that serves both purposes, such as Blockchain or Coinbase. You’ll find both of these in app form in the app store on your smartphone, or you can set up accounts on the website, but installing straight onto your phone offers greater security and more convenience.

Once you have a digital wallet, you can deposit money into it and head to the exchange, which is a platform that facilitates trades between people converting between cryptocurrencies and “fiat” currencies. Many cryptocurrencies are supported in exchanges, so be sure to find the one you want; we accept both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for deposits in our Bitcoin Casino.

When you locate your cryptocurrency-of-choice, click “Buy” and enter the amount you want in your local currency. If your exchange is connected with your digital wallet, it will automatically transfer to your wallet upon purchase; if this isn’t the case, however, simply pop in your wallet’s address code.

Now that you’ve got the currency locked and loaded, you can forward it to your Cafe Casino account. You’ll need your Cafe account’s address code to complete the transaction. To generate it, follow the prompts to “Deposit with Bitcoin” (or Bitcoin Cash if that’s what you’ve purchased). A lengthy code will autogenerate; copy and paste it into your wallet, and voila! Your transaction will be sent to the blockchain.


Withdraw Casino Jackpots with Bitcoin

Most people don’t feel like waiting seven to ten business days to get their payout after hitting a jackpot. Bitcoin makes it possible to get cash-in-hand on the same day that your payout is authorized. You’ll simply need to reverse the steps that you followed to deposit. Paste in the address code for your digital wallet into your Cafe account by hitting the “Receive/Request” button in your wallet. Once the funds appear in your wallet, you can hit up your exchange and convert your USA Bitcoin casino funds to US dollars, or whatever currency you prefer.

Watch a visual playthrough of every step to this process in the Bitcoin section of our Video Library, and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our crypto-savvy customer service team.