Here at Café casino, we’re always coming up with new games to keep you entertained, like Bingo Cataratas and Go-Go Bingo for all you bingo players out there. But blackjack and poker continue to be the most sought-after games at the casino. Eventually, one of those bingo games might join the following top five list, but for now, blackjack and poker are tops.

1. Classic Blackjack
The most popular “banking” game in the world is also the most popular game at Café Casino. This is blackjack in its purest form, using a six-deck shoe with the dealer hitting on soft 17. All the standard plays are there: doubling down, splitting, surrenders and insurance. Play your cards right, and you’ll face some of the lowest house edges available at the casino.

2. Caribbean Hold’em
Not only do you get to play a simplified version of the hottest poker game in the world, you also get a crack at a progressive jackpot; at press time, the jackpot is a healthy $33,000 and growing. Caribbean Hold’em is a follow-up to the massively successful Caribbean Stud Poker game which shares that progressive jackpot.

3. Tri Card Poker
If you prefer a simpler game, this take on Three Card Poker should be right up your alley. You and the dealer each receive three cards, and if your hand is better, you win. The strategy is incredibly simple, too: Fold if you have a hand worse than Queen-Six-Four.

4. The New Blackjack
This is the new blackjack variant everyone’s talking about. The rules of the game are the same, but the design has been updated and modernized, and you can play up to three hands at once against the dealer. Try it for free using the Practice Play mode at Café Casino.

5. Zappit Blackjack
Ever wished you could just vaporize the two cards you’ve been dealt? Wishes can come true. In Zappit Blackjack, if you get dealt one of those dreaded 15, 16 or 17 hands, you can hit the ZAP button and make that trash disappear; the cards are replaced by two new ones. Blackjacks still get paid out at the standard 3:2 when you play this game at Café Casino, making it lucrative and fun.