Games with Unique Bonus Rounds

Slots have come a long way since they were clunky machines found in smoky taverns over 100 years ago. As they progressed from mechanical to digital, the features evolved, too—and that’s very obvious when you play online slots now. Bonus rounds are one such feature that can really spice up an online slots betting experience. They help break up the base game and provide something for players to look forward to, beyond simply lining up matching icons for payouts.

So, you may be wondering what makes a good bonus round? For a bonus round to stand out, it must push the boundaries of what’s expected. At a basic level, bonus rounds comprise a challenge presented to the player with a payout offered as a reward, but beyond that, game developers can get as creative as they want. If you want to see just how far bonus rounds have come in the last couple of years, check out the following five real money online slots in our casino. 

A Night With Cleo 

While A Night With Cleo doesn’t have a bonus round in the traditional sense, it does have a Gamble feature that is very popular with players. Also known as the Double-Or-Nothing round, the Gamble feature makes it possible to double your winnings on any winning spin through a 50/50 guessing game. To activate it, wait for a winning spin, then click the “Gamble” button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. A sensual Cleopatra will take you to a different screen and present you with two flowers—one in each hand. She’ll ask you to select the flower that is concealing a pile of gold coins. With a 50/50 shot at guessing right, there’s no house edge in this feature. 

You should be warned, this particular bonus can include graphic images—depending on how far you progress through it. If you pick the right flower, your payout is doubled and Cleopatra will celebrate by removing a layer of clothing from the waist up. If you pick wrong, however, you’re sent back to the reels without your payout. This Gamble feature can be played up to five times in a row, so long as you keep guessing correctly.

Gold Rush Gus 

Gold Rush Gus is jam-packed with bonus features, making it a popular pick with players looking for an exciting video game-like slot. In addition to a free spins session and Lava Reels re-spin feature, a Treasure Chest-toting mole appears every time you land two Key symbols. The Treasure Chest could contain the game’s progressive jackpot, gems that contribute towards the two mini jackpot metres found above the reels, an instant cash win, or a Treasure Map that triggers the bonus game. This is a skill-testing bonus, so your performance will have a direct impact on the amount of money triggered in the round. Feel free to practice on “Practice Play” mode before plunging into the real thing. 

777 Deluxe 

The progressive jackpot included in 777 Deluxe is always growing, and the only way to trigger it is to reach the slot’s elusive bonus round. Look for Mystery icons (the Question Marks) as you spin the reels because if you land three, you’re headed to a second screen where a special set of reels is located. On just three reels and one payline, Sevens abound. These icons have varying colors for a reason; the color combination you land for each spin determines the multiplier you get, according to a chart displayed below the reels. You can land mixed colors, or a set of three pink, purple, green, blue, silver, red, or gold Sevens. The progressive jackpot is the reward for landing three Gold Sevens. A bonus round doesn’t get better than concluding with a progressive jackpot. 

Dragon’s Siege 

One of our new online slots, Dragon’s Siege takes you on a medieval fantasy adventure that revolves around a knight defending a castle from a beastly dragon. Triggering this game’s bonus round requires a special combination of the Bridge icon landing on the first reel and the Gate icon landing on the fifth reel, at which point, you’re brought to a second screen with a challenge set before you. 

The four characters that were spinning around the reels (the Dragon, Knight, Princess, and Steed) are waiting for you at the castle. Each one has a unique set of free spins concealed within them, and the longer you can spin for free, the greater your odds of defending, or taking over, the castle. You’ll need to select your entry point for the castle.

Space Traders 

As soon as you launch Space Traders, you’ll quickly see that it’s no ordinary slot. Icons spin around a 3X3 grid instead of traditional reels, creating 243 winning possibilities with every spin. The icons are fun and colorful, and you’ll want to watch for the Space Junk Bonus icons. Three or more of them lead to the Space Junk bonus feature, which takes you to the main character, Queen Bea’s, shop of space curiosities. She’ll lay five interesting items on a table for you to examine, and these items can award you up to 88X your bet, so check them over closely. You can ask for a new set of items up to three times as you attempt to maximize the value.